55 gallon Stocking

  1. bobthebadger53 Well Known Member Member

    I added 5 sterbai cories to my empty 55 gallon. In a few weeks, I'll add 5 more for a total of 10.

    My planned stock:
    10 sterbai cories
    10 rummynose tetras
    3 pearl gourami
    1 Bristlenose pleco

    Will this be fully stocked? Could I add more? My filter is a SunSun HW-302.
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    That sounds good to me especially the corys, nice to see them being kept in a large group.
    You could add a few more rummynose, they look superb in large shoals
  3. bobthebadger53 Well Known Member Member

    Even just 5 cories have been great, I can't wait to double the school!