55 Gallon Stocking Ideas

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  1. slowdownValued MemberMember

    I just upgraded my 20L to a 55. It has a sand substrate and is planted (5 plants, including water sprite that is cut back regularly).

    Current stocking:
    small school black neon tetra (7 now, will increase to maybe 12)
    4 green Cory cats (will get maybe 2 more - I know 4 isn't enough but didn't want to add before the move)
    3 Murray River Rainbowfish (will get 2 more; likewise was waiting til post-move)

    Once I increase those schools to the numbers they should be, I'd eventually like to add something colorful, but not a gourami - I've had aggression issues with those in another tank. Any other ideas of something that is colorful, peaceful, and that would fit in with the fish I have? Could be a single fish if it's happy alone, or a small school as long as it fits with the bio load capacity of the tank. But looking for color and peacefulness as the top priorities. Tank is kept at about 76 degrees. It looks really empty in there now!
  2. FeohwWell Known MemberMember

    Which gourami did you have? Not all are aggressive. I have pearl gourami and they are absolutely stunning - quite a peaceful gourami too and very personable. Honey gourami are little angels as far as I've heard and they are stunning too. I have two pearls and they get on great, then honeys can be kept in groups as they are quite peaceful.

    I love bolivian rams - a nice pair can be really cute and they look great once they colour up. Or a species of apistogramma, I love A. cacatuoides, A. agassizii and A. borellii. Each comes in different colour varieties as well. With these dwarf cichlids I'd do a nice pair in your tank. In my 53g I have 4 bolivians, one male and three females. They are really great.

    I quite like cherry barbs, green fire tetra, lemon tetra and espei rasbora too. Then of course there are neons/cardinals. Cardinals being the better of the two in my opinion.
  3. slowdownValued MemberMember

    Thanks for this. I had a dwarf gourami. I'm not sure if it was aggressive because the tank was too small (20G; didn't know better) or if it just can be that way. I'd considered a honey but I can't find them anywhere but haven't looked in a while.

    Do cichlids need warmer water or are they ok in cool temps? The tank is set to 74.
  4. FeohwWell Known MemberMember

    I wouldn't do the cacatuoides or agassizii at that temperature, but bolivians and borellii can just fine. The average temperature in the wild for bolivians is 24-25 degrees (75-77). Borellii can survive in some pretty extreme conditions, as low as 44 apparently (though obviously not advisable) and up to 80. 74 should be fine for them. If you decide on rams stay far away from German Blues - they come in different varieties such as gold rams, electric blue and more, they need temperature in the 80s. Is the temp stable?
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  5. nbalaw2016New MemberMember

    I agree that a pair of Bolivian rams would look lovely with your other fish.

    Not to hijack this thread, but would anyone advise keeping both a pair of Bolivians with a pearl gourami in the OP's current setup? I have a very similar tank and would really like a rainbow/bolivian/pearl combination if they're likely to get along.
  6. Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    Yes, that would be fine.
  7. FeohwWell Known MemberMember

    I have a pair of pearls with my four Bolivians. They all get on great, but the pearls are much more stubborn than every other fish in the tank when the Bolivians have bred. The Bolivians keep the other fish away from them (they dash forward at fish that may come too close to scare them away from the fry - though they never harm anything in there as they are quite peaceful), the pearls just slowly keep approaching despite the Bolivians dashing forward to scare them away. The pearls do tend to grab a few fry before they back away, though they don't always.

    Overall they are completely fine together and both are incredibly peaceful. The above behaviour doesn't cause too many problems at all and its quite rare. Generally they are just really great, personable fish. 74 degrees would be on the lower end for pearls though imo, though I do believe it could be done handily enough.
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  8. nbalaw2016New MemberMember

    That's great to hear, thanks. I think I'll try 1 pearl with a pair of Bolivians, 3-5 smaller rainbows, and perhaps a school of giant danios to round the tank out.