55 Gallon Stock Ideas?

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mollies vs platys?

  1. molly

  2. platy

  3. neither!

  1. bighornsheep

    bighornsheepNew MemberMember

    hi, long time reader, first time poster. i have a 55 gallon tank that i just got 2 peppered cories and 2 julii cories for. its medium planted i would say..? and my question is: what would be some fun community tank ideas? if i were to pick up more cories, how many should i introduce at a time, and what kinds do you suggest with the ones i have already? i am not very interested in cichlids except perhaps the blue ram. lmk your suggestions! oh, and can anyone tell me why one might choose a molly over a playu, or vice versa? what makes them different, just preference? thanks! (btw i have read lots of other 'stock idea' threads, but none seem to excite me very much *shrug*)
  2. NC122606

    NC122606Well Known MemberMember

    Mollies here are reasons:
    1. They are fun to watch they do the craziest things to pretending to be a Corydora to being an ABF.
    2. They are crazy when there is food, I bet you can hand-feed some.
    3. At least I think they have lower bio loads. But that is not saying much.
    4. They are very hardy, mine had to withstand a beating from the Kribensis but is ok now.
    5. They come in lots of variety!
    And etc I could go on but this is what I think of them.
  3. OP

    bighornsheepNew MemberMember

    thanks for your input! this is helpful info :)
  4. clovervalley

    clovervalleyValued MemberMember

    In regards to your Cory question, I would suggest upping the numbers of each kind of Cory to at least 6, Cories only school with their exact types (so peppered with peppered and Julii with Julii) they will be much happier with increased numbers. Total of 6 of each type or even more would make them very happy.

    I am a huge fan of Angels, @angelcraze or @coralbandit could help you out more with the numbers and types to get! (If they don’t mind the tag :) )

    You could also do a mixture of swordtails , just keep 3-4 females for each male to keep them busy! Be prepared for fry with any Livebearer you keep in your planted tank if you decide to go that route.

    Another option would be a pair of pearl gouramis, I don’t know a ton about them but they are very pretty and people recommend them frequently here
  5. Phantomlord399

    Phantomlord399New MemberMember

  6. BottomDweller

    BottomDwellerFishlore VIPMember

    I would definitely go for platies. They are more colourful than mollies. They are smaller and have a smaller bioload. They are also much more peaceful in my experience. I had one female molly harass all my other fish non stop and I had to keep her in her own tank. I have never had an issue with platies. There are loads of different colour varieties and patterns and you can get hi-fin versions with a large dorsal fin.

    Keep in mind peppered cories need pretty cool water, no warmer than 73f, which will limit the fish you can keep with them.

    Cories are schooling fish so should be kept in groups of 6+. Different types of cory won't school togerther so you need to keep each type in groups of 6. (BTW your juliis are probably false julii cories)

    You could do something like this
    8-10 peppered cories
    8-10 julii cories
    5 female platies
    10-15 white cloud mountain minnows or skirt tetras
    10-15 zebra/leopard danios
    1 paradise gourami
    1 rubberlip or bristlenose pleco

    You could add around 5 fish at a time
  7. watermelon46

    watermelon46Valued MemberMember

    So far the fish you have are peaceful, so you could do a peaceful community tank with something like BottomDweller's stock, or provide lots of plant coverage for the cories and do a semi-aggressive community with maybe tiger barbs and bolivian rams. I want to set up something like this myself.
    You mentioned you might want a German blue ram; I recommend those, they're colorful and peaceful fish.
    Another option maybe is two schools of tetras, maybe neons and bloodfin tetras, and then lots of plants and japanese fire red agasizii cichlids.
    For sure up the cory schools each to 6 minimum, they're a schooling fish
    Good luck on whatever you decide :)
  8. angelcraze

    angelcrazeWell Known MemberMember

    Hi there! Welcome to Fishlore :) Do you know what hardness your tank water is? Like GH/KH, pH?

    Livebearers like harder water, blue rams like the water very soft. Blue rams also like the water very hot @80-84°f, so a bit out of the range for the cories.

    I think I'd look at gouramis as @clovervalley suggested and increase each cory school to at least 6. Gouramis are more top strata, not like blue rams who are lower, then the cories can have the bottom.
  9. OP

    bighornsheepNew MemberMember

    @angelcraze my ph is usually at 8, and i do not know my gh/kh. i appreciate your info! i am definitely interested in gouramis, and will continue researching about them. @watermelon46 @BottomDweller @clovervalley thanks so much for the suggestions and knowledge from all of u! i am slowly increasing my cory stock and am aiming for 6-8 of each :) i also have 1 bristlenose pleco now. i will look into tetras and platies more, they are very cool fish!
  10. clovervalley

    clovervalleyValued MemberMember

    I also have water near (a little higher!) your pH, I’m currently keeping a platy, swordtails, and an Angelfish just fine! I’ve had a gourami in the past and he was also fine with the hard water. As long as the fish is more hardy, if they’re usually in soft they’ll do okay in hard. All of the lfs near me also have the same pH and they carry all sorts of fish! For platies I’ve read that they are slower breeders (but they do breed still!)

    How are your Cories with the hard water? I had a bad experience with a bunch of false bandits, but I think they were sick in the end. Still didn’t get my money back though I am looking into Bronze Cories from my new lfs possibly...
  11. angelcraze

    angelcrazeWell Known MemberMember

    My mom had ridiculous hard water and cories are her favorite fish. They didn't breed or at least reproduce until she moved to a place with softer water though.
  12. OP

    bighornsheepNew MemberMember

    @clovervalley my cories have been doing very well in the hard water, idk what my lfs ph is but as long as i give them a slow acclimation theyve adjusted just fine :)