55 Gallon Slowly But Surely

  1. Billy T

    Billy T Valued Member Member

    It's been a process but finally coming together. Cycle baby cycle lol. Will add another cave to the right corner or probably rig up some kind of flower pot. Kind of dig the diy like I did with the pvc 1529479329514315464967.jpg
  2. Discus-Tang

    Discus-Tang Well Known Member Member

    Cool! What fish are you thinking?

    I wish I had a 55, then again I wish I had a 1,000,000 gallon pond :eek:
  3. OP
    Billy T

    Billy T Valued Member Member

    10-12 tiger barbs split between regular and green. They were the first fish I wanted but glad I found fishlore before I just got them bc they would've killed everything I would've mixed with them. Think this mix may work, with 1 red tail black shark, 6 zebra danios, and either bristlenose or albino bristlenose pleco

    Wasn't sure if I should get giant or zebra Danios but seems like I've seen some
    ,enough to try zebras