55 gallon reef stock

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    My dad and I are both very in to fish tanks, both freshwater and saltwater. We have a 55 gallon tank that is built in to our wall that separates the front room from the family room. We got it in 2005/2006 and its in great condition with lots of live rock and live sand. We have had fish in it ever since we got it, but it's been empty for about 1 year. (that's when our 11 year old clowns died). After a year, we are back into the hobby. We love flame angels and royal gramma as well as clowns. We have a stock in mind but wanted to get opinions from the experts.
    1x royal gramma
    2x clowns
    1x blue tang
    1x flame angel
    and a goby of some sort. is this okay? thanks in advance!

    I have discovered that blue and yellow tangs don't usually get along. what if I replace the yellow tang with a pair of cardinals?
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    Bumping this up for you
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    You can definitely do the gramma, clowns, and flame angle. But the blue tang gets to a foot long. It might be doable.