55 gallon reed tank. These 6 fish ok?

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    Singlemalt80 New Member Member

    Hi i got a 55 with 20 sump I'm turning into reef tank. Currently have several softy frags and 2 oc. Clowns, 1 yellow watchmen, 1 royal gramma. Eventually I want to add 1 cardinal then 1 flame angel. Is that 1 too many fish or you think they'll be ok? Also going to add 2 cleaner shrimp and tiger pistol later on after adding all the fish.

  2. Nitemelodies

    Nitemelodies Valued Member Member

    Careful with the cleaners, generally a female and male can be kept together but I heard they can get territorial! Just have places where they dnt have to run into each other. Banggai Cardinals? They like small groups I read though you can keep them singally but I read multiple places that they like 2-3 in a small group

    Clowns should be fine, yellow watchman is to be paired with your pistol? so your pistol should be ine bc the goby should protect him if the cleaners decide to go after him.

    Royal Gramma is fine I would forgo anymore basselets though bc they get terrotorial with more then one sometimes but if you have extensive rock work you should be able to get away with all of this!

    Hope it helps a little