55 Gallon Overstocked?

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  1. ApeNew MemberMember

    2 dojos, 1 pair of apistogrammas, 1 dwarf gourami, 5 albino cory cats, 10 gold white cloud minnows, 2 upside down catfish (synodontis nigriventris) 2 rubber nose plecos 1 clown pleco and an African butterfly fish in a 55 gallon planted tank. I have a 320gph powerhead with sponges, a moving bio filter that's a good size, a bio wheel 350 with lava rock as media and an intake sponge. Plus a small filter I fill with floss to polish. I want to add more can I afford it? Maybe more filtration? I've been fine so far and plan to add much more plants to help too. Keep up with water changes of course. 1555899404530.jpg
  2. FalenaValued MemberMember

    Yes, unfortunately, you are overstocked. Your stocking level is at 143% you'll need to get to at least 550gph with the filtration ( standard for a suitably stocked 55g tank with messy fish like plecos in it) and do around 50% water changes weekly, or better yet 25% twice weekly. You have temperature and species incompatibilities too, half of your species like slightltly cooler than the other half. You should never be right at the highest or lowest end of their temerature range. How long has the tank been running? what temperature is it? and is it cycled?
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  3. ApeNew MemberMember

    Well with my filters combined I am well above 700 probably approaching or even above 800 gph. Tank is cycled and been running for about 2 months. Fish aren't fully grown so its lighter bioload now and don't forget its also planted. It is at 74 degrees
  4. Marijn LangeValued MemberMember

    Overstocked or not? It all depends on one thing: can your biological bacteria handle the waste that is being produced.

    If you have a 100 gallon aquarium with ten big fish and your nitrates are too high, then yes, your tank is overstocked.

    Add more filtration, nitrates are low, and all of a sudden your 100 gallon aquarium with ten big fish isn’t overstocked.

    Ofcourse there are more factors if it comes to overstocking. Is there enough place for your fish to swim? Is there a good hiding spot for every fish? Aren they constantly fighting?

    In my opinion, answer those question honestly. Test your perimeters and judge wether your perimeters are good or bad.

    And if u have to add new filtration to keep up with the waste being produced, get a second aquarium. It’s better for the fish and its fun :)
  5. FalenaValued MemberMember

    Ok, that's great that the tank is cycled, planted and well filtered (so long as you've got lots of biological media). But you still have temperature compatibility issues , 74 degrees is very cold for apisto, low end for dwarf gourami, clown pleco and african butterfly fish but turning it up to an acceptable range for them would make it too warm for the others, especially the dojo loaches, rubberlip plecos and mountain minnows who's temperature ranges top out at about 75 and 70. Just so you're aware, it will drastically shorten the lifespan of your fish and they won't thrive
  6. nikm128Fishlore VIPMember

    I actually don't think it's overstocked/crowded, as long as your nitrates are reading below 20ppm you're fine