55-gallon Freshwater Stock Ideas

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by BolognaBopper, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. BolognaBopperValued MemberMember

    I've read a lot of stock idea forums, but wanted to get your thoughts on what I'm looking for.

    I'm just about ready to cycle my 55gal (see image) and I'd ideally like to get a semi-aggressive tank going. The temp is 78°, but I don't mind slightly changing it if I need to.

    I was thinking about getting a solid group of tiger barbs, maybe 15 or so, and some compatible fish to go with them. Maybe a red tail black shark? That and some type of catfish for the bottom.

    Any ideas of how I can achieve this or any other possible combos? 27a177d2018e9bd7f5dd25233402562e.jpg

  2. sweendog87Valued MemberMember

    Either 8 all male african peacocks or
    Some electric yellow and maingano or demasoni ratio of
    1m to 3 or 4 females or more if you like semi aggressive these guys are heaps fun to watch chase and establish a pack with a dominate male being the tank boss and usually peacocks will all stay very colourful and you can get so many color variations heres some pics of my 55 gal all Male peacock and hap tank 4b861d6f5db180b1f33e28d4edbe9802.jpg544cbf2b6e4198cd91fae51f4b20d294.jpg

    Oh didn't see you wanted Tiger barbs and sharks maybe some Americans like green terror or Jack dempsey o a group of Geos

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  3. BolognaBopperValued MemberMember

    Thanks for that! Your tank looks great with those in it. Yeah I'm not closed-off to hearing other ideas like yours, just thought tiger barbs and sharks would be cool. But I'm def going to look into peacocks!

  4. BettaPonicWell Known MemberMember

    You could build a livebearer tank? You could get some exotic ones. They can have their whole life cycle in your tank.
  5. sweendog87Valued MemberMember

    Are you looking at upgrading down the track or is this as. Big as u can go? Cause its easy to over stock peacocks since there are so many nice ones and you don't want to have to get rid of come later
  6. BolognaBopperValued MemberMember

    I might upgrade down the road, but no short-term plans to. I was looking earlier at Firemouth Chiclids, Tiger Oscars, and Jack Dempseys - not all together, but considering getting a tiger oscar and adding a couple of the others?
  7. sweendog87Valued MemberMember

    Also depends on if you want a semi aggressive community or single aggressive tank boss like a green terror or Jack dempsey
  8. BolognaBopperValued MemberMember

    I really like the look of jack dempseys - do you think a tiger oscar would be cool with them?

    I'm gonna start stocking my 55gal later this weekend, and although I was considering angels/sharks before, I think I'd like some chiclids.

    I love the look of Jack Dempseys and Tiger Oscars, and I've read conflicting opinions on them getting along with Firemouths. Would I be able to get one JD or one Oscar with the firemouths, or should I get firemouths with something else?

    Any advice on these pairings or other cool stock ideas would be appreciated!
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  9. JesseMoreira06Well Known MemberMember

    no jack Dempsey and Oscar need a 75g at the bare minimum.

    55g I would do

    1 firemouth
    1 EBA
    12 diamond tetras or lemons tetras
    12 corys
    1 BN Pleco
  10. sweendog87Valued MemberMember

    Haha great minds lol if your not looking to upgrade for a while. I would stick to something smaller like the firemouth or ellioti
    Or a group of Geos a oscar will outgrow a 55 pretty quick
  11. JesseMoreira06Well Known MemberMember

    deffinetly no Oscars or jack Dempsey for a 55g , they need a 75g at the bare minimum.

    in a 55g I would do this

    - 1 EBA
    - 1 Rainbow cichlid or 1 Firemouth
    - 2 Rams
    -10 diamond tetras
    -10 corys
    -1 BN Pleco

    you can swap out the diamond tetras for whatever other shoaling fish you may like , but make sure they are wide bodied and get atleast 2".

    or 12 mbunas cichlid.
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  12. BolognaBopperValued MemberMember

    Excellent, thanks for this! Since I have two BA Tetras in there now, I think I'll add more of them. Could it be any kind of ram for the most part, or are different types drastically different? I might have to see what my LFS stocks, so it might be a more common kind.
  13. JesseMoreira06Well Known MemberMember

    I would get Bolivian Rams since EBR or GBR require temps of 80f-82f.

    I would have your water temp at 75f.

    That's fine you can have the Buenos Aires Tetras but make sure you keep them in numbers because they can be fin nipers especially in small groups.

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