55 gallon divider broken

  1. leelum9 Member Member

    i just picked up a used 55 g and the divider was broken. no peices are missing and it looks like it could possibly be epoxyed on the bottom or siliconed.. anyone ever tried something like this? i am not sure if i want to make a full hood yet... i need to get closer to a final setup before i make something that final.
  2. navyscuba Well Known Member Member

    Can you take a pic? Not sure what divider you are referring to. If is the top support that prevents the glass from bowing that is no problem just silicone it in place and leave it dry for 4 to 5 days. Hope this helps.

  3. leelum9 Member Member

    it is the top support and i just wanted to make sure the silicon would hold it ...ill probabaly zip tie it together just for extra strength but thanks for your help
  4. navyscuba Well Known Member Member

    Ok. Glad I could help. :;hi2