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  1. klogue2

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    I picked up a 55 gallon from petco's sale! It's not ready yet of course but I'd like to figure out my stock so I know what will be going in it.

    I'd like a community tank with lots of little fish, preferably a few small schools of different kinds of fish, and one, maybe two centerpiece fish. I don't really like angels honestly, I mean I do like them they're just not my kind of fish! haha if that makes sense. I really like multicolored fish.

    Here's some fish I would love to have:

    Panda or albino cory cats
    Long-fin Danios (zebra or gold, probably zebra)
    Paradise Gourami/Fish
    Neon Tetra

    I plan to have black sand and flat black background, with various live plants. Also rocks and driftwood, but mostly plants (or hopefully at least, if I can get the plants to grow well!). My total GPH will be 530gph, just under 10x turnover.

    I'm thinking I can fit a school of cories, danios, and tetras in plus one more school, plus the paradise fish. Depednding on the size of the school of course. What do you guys think? Any suggestions of fish or amounts?
  2. Cichlidnut

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    I don't see anything wrong with your stocking plans. Do at least schools of 6 for everything. I'd do 10 corries.
  3. OP

    klogue2Valued MemberMember

    Great! So let's see, if I did -

    1 paradise gourami
    10 cories
    8 neon tetras
    8 longfin danios

    Does that leave any room for another school of some other fish? I'd like to have a variety but maybe it'd be better for the fish to just have larger schools of their own kind.

    I'm also considering some cichlids/rams but I know cichlid tanks can be a little (or a lot) challenging, so I'll have to do more research on them and I may be back to ask about them :)
  4. pirahnah3

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    the tank is long enough if you really want to have some fun, go stocking soley for a danio tank.

    I have a 33 long which is a 4ft tank and have TONS of zebra fish in it and its alot of fun to watch

    Current species are

    Long fin leopard
    orange danio
    orange fin danio
    glo light danios
    pearl danios
    purple passion danios (danio roseseous)
    a glo fish (long story)

    have at least 5 of each except for the glo fish and the orange danios. They all get along and that tank is always moving. My wife (who really doesnt like my hobby all that much) quite often just stares at that tank and watches all the movement in it.
  5. ZombieKeepr

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    Ohhhh eep. I honestly see a single problem.

    That would be a really cool tank, but paradisefish are VERY aggressive fish species IME and I'd highly advise you to consider maybe something else like a pearl gourami?
  6. OP

    klogue2Valued MemberMember

    I didn't realize they were that aggressive. Although the danio species tank sounds like a great idea! Right now I'm researching cichlids and I'm kind of caught between the both of them. I'll have to figure out what I'd like to do first, but if I don't do cichlids, the danios are my definite next choice!
  7. OP

    klogue2Valued MemberMember

    I think I've decided to not do cichlids, and go with a community instead. I've been looking at different danios and only found a handful I'd like, so I'm going to try more of a community to fill in the gaps!

    How about this?

    10 Cory cats
    6 long fin zebra danios
    6 long fin gold zebra danios
    8 celestial pearl danios
    8 black neon tetra (maybe 6 cardinal tetra instead, or both?)

    I'm still looking at other fish because I think I could add more possibly to this stock. I'd like a lot of variety while still maintaining good sized schools. What do you guys think so far? Maybe another school or two, and a centerpiece fish? Edit: maybe a pearl gourami if I have the room? I really do like them.

    Edit 2: this actually looks pretty stocked now that I think about it, Thats 54" of fish (just using that rule as a guideline) (think I miscalculated the lengths too lol) maybe if I lower the school numbers a little I could do the gourami?
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