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Discussion in 'Members Fish Tanks' started by Marc Davis, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Marc Davis Valued Member Member

    Just sorted my tank out and wanted to show an example of how you can make a medium tank seem a whole lot bigger with how you design the layout.

    Sure, you could go bare bottom but i feel every tank should be planted. Yes, its more maintenance, but i just think its better for the fish with regards to water quality, look, feel and cover. Plus, i like my tanks to be a feature of the room.

    So here is what i've done:
    From this, which looked quite authentic i feel and i really liked it, but the wife didnt, and it is in our living room, plus, it was limiting the discus swim space:

    To This:

    Tons more swimming space, just as many plants and a lot cleaner looking (happy wife, happy life).

    Here is a short video of how i did it:

    And here is an update:


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  2. abcdefghi Valued Member Member

    Your tank looks great! I'm with you as well on not wanting a bare looking tank. Part of me still wants to give Discus a try, would mean having to re-home likely all the fish in my 125G though, as well as with my liquid rock well water a potentially expensive gamble.

    Doesn't stop me thinking of it every time I see a nice discus set up though.

  3. jmaldo Well Known Member Member

    @Marc Davis :emoji_thumbsup:Impressive
    The "Discus" is your title caught my eye.
    Just shy of 2 years. as a "Wet" pet keeper and "Underwater" gardener.

    I have been fascinated by Discus since I started. But realized I needed to get some seasoning before I was ready to do my best by these Beauties. Plan on starting a Planted? 125g in the Spring. Of course "Researching and still Learning".

    I took a look at your profile page, looking for info on the tank:
    Temp, pH, TDS, Inhabitants, filtration, etc..
    Mind sharing?

  4. Marc Davis Valued Member Member

    No problem. I've only been keeping fish 1.5 years. Nothing difficult about it to be honest. Keep their water clean and the plants stay healthy...then the plants kepp the water clean...nice cycle.

    My temp 28 degrees C (82f)
    TDS...no idea.
    Nitrates...no idea.
    Nitrites...no idea...

    You get the picture. All my tanks have done very well and fish are always healthy because i heavily plant and change 30% water once a week.

    Discus are great. They all have their own personality and are more like pets now. No way i could ever give them up.
  5. King o´ Angelfish Well Known Member Member

    Tank looks amazing!
    Isnt 6 Discus in a 55g overstocked?
    I dont know much about discus but, Angelfish stocking rule is 20g for the first and 10g for each additional one. Id imagine discus would need more room than angels?
  6. Marc Davis Valued Member Member

    Everyone has different views but stendker discus recommends 6 adults max in a 55. Mine arnt adults yet but that's why I have stuck with 6.

    As long as you can keep your water good then I think it's all good. My system is massively over filtered as well.
  7. King o´ Angelfish Well Known Member Member

    Interesting, however, I was not doubting your water quality.....it looks pristine ;) And your plants are keeping nitrates rlly low i imagine, so their growth is not one bit hindered. I was more concerned about the footprint and space rather than bioload. But if its working, then alls good :)
  8. Marc Davis Valued Member Member

    Hard to tell if hindered. 2 of them are huge, 3 medium sized and one stunted. All were the same when I got them.

    I'm more inclined to think that size is all about genetics to be honest.

    But that's irrelevant to me and my family as my goal wasn't to grow them as large as possible. It was just to have some really nice healthy fish in an attractive tank and I feel I've achieved that :)
  9. abcdefghi Valued Member Member

    Glad I'm not the only one like this, no clue what my parameters are other than temperature.

    I can definitely see that, I have 6 zebra angels in the 125G, would hate to give them up. Although have come close a couple times recently, 2 spawning pairs, almost had to re-home some due to aggression, thankfully they have calmed down some again.
  10. Marc Davis Valued Member Member

    Would love to have angels. One day when i upgrade the tank, i will get some.
  11. GrayRas Valued Member Member

    Both tanks look amazing! Great job. Happy wife happy life is a prevailing sentiment..
  12. Jellibeen Well Known Member Member

    Wow, your tank is gorgeous!
  13. Marc Davis Valued Member Member

    Haha. Yes. Thank you very much.

    That's very kind of you. Should look even better when all the details grow in.
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  14. King o´ Angelfish Well Known Member Member

    What sand did you use?
  15. Marc Davis Valued Member Member

    Hi there. I used
    Aqua Range 'Aqua-Substrate' - White Quartz
  16. Jay15 Valued Member Member

    One of the prettiest tanks I’ve seen! I’ve always wanted to try Discus, but heard they’re a bit more difficult and we have well water that is really hard, so I’ve always been too afraid to try it. They are beautiful!!
  17. Marc Davis Valued Member Member

    I personally dont find them any harder than any other fish. Keep your water clean in an established aquarium and you cant go wrong. Thats at least my experience.
  18. Marc Davis Valued Member Member

    Tank settled well. No algae. Plants growing really well in just a few days. Must be balanced well.

    Collage 2019-01-17 18_15_15.jpg
  19. Marc Davis Valued Member Member

    So just over a month progress. The tank is fully settled. Background plants already grown to the top.

    Will need its first trim very soon.
    Discus 3.jpg
  20. AlleyOH Valued Member Member

    It looks too perfect to be real! Very nice tank!