55 Gallon Cichlid Tank Stocked...who Might Eventually Need To Go?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by sross78, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. sross78 Valued Member Member

    I finished stocking my 55 gal mbuna cichlid tank as follows and am curious which ones may eventually have to go:

    2 demasoni
    2 electric yellow
    2 red zebra
    1 bumblebee
    1 acei - blue/gold coloration
    1 female kenyi - whiteish with dark stripes
    1 albino zebra

    All are 1-2" long now and i am only sure that the kenyi is female but also think i may have a red zebra and electric yellow female. Otherwise i am not sure though. I have read that male demasonis might eventually fight to the death but not harm the others???


  2. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    That is very light stocking for a Mbuna tank. Are you new to Mbunas?

  3. sross78 Valued Member Member

    I have read that once they are full grown 8-12 is plenty in a 55 gallon so i shot for 10. What do you suggest? I reallt dont want to go much higher bc of the additional water changes lol.

  4. Tiny_Tanganyikans Well Known Member Member

    The demasoni will murder everything in about 6 months. The bumble bees need 5+ preferably a harem. Otherwise it will also be extremely aggressive. The labs and zebras can be hit or miss, usually not terrible assassin's like the demasoni
  5. sross78 Valued Member Member

    What if only one demosoni is kept in tank? Are they that crazy to just kill everything? I have never heard this.
  6. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    No I have never heard that either. My main tank has always been Mbunas but I do not have demasonis. That's because I don't really like them, I prefer the electric blue johannis and between them and the socolofi, that is enough blue in the tank. I know people who keep them with no problem (Well other than the fact that we are keeping aggressive fish and all that comes with that)
  7. Tiny_Tanganyikans Well Known Member Member

    Demasonis are incredibly aggressive one is not good. Several is the best chance at reduced aggression. At 6 months or so when it matures it will kill everything
  8. sross78 Valued Member Member

    Well i will keep an eye on the two in my tank and remove if necessary but i highly doubt they are just unstoppable killing machines since most others in the tank will be several inches bigger at maturity. I dont think the sky is falling lol
  9. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    What temp do you keep your tank at?
  10. Tiny_Tanganyikans Well Known Member Member

    They need to be in large groups of 12+ anything with bars will be killed. Theyre certainly unstoppable killing machines when they mature.

    After sexual maturity they turn very aggressive, much more than usual. Theyre ok with other aggressive fish until that 6 month mark, but anything with bars demasoni or not and perhaps others if it's a dominant male will certainly be killed or exhausted to death from harassment. Especially in a small group.

    They have no problems taking on significantly larger fish.
  11. Lemonz13 Valued Member Member

    Lol, no. They might be small but don't underestimate them. All aggressive fish are capable of killing (even some non-aggressive fish kill). You will just have to watch and see.

    A person I know had cichlid that decided to kill the rest of the tank overnight. Even fish bigger than himself. So, never underestimate the power of a furious fish.
  12. Tiny_Tanganyikans Well Known Member Member

    Just to state I'm not just quoting google articles. I've kept them. A few times. The most recent was when i rescued someone's neglected fish. There was 2 very small demasoni in the batch of mbunas and for some reason he had convincts with them. I seperated the convicts immediately to my SA tank but I underestimated the age of the demasoni, I thought they were still juveniles. I woke up one morning to a the QT tank filled with remants of war. Lots of badly shredded fish but luckily only a couple of causalities. Mind you they were in a 100 gallon pond insert for QT with terracotta and pvc caves (15 fish) so it wasn't a case of cramped quarters.