55 Gallon Aqueon Diy Sump Questions


Hey all, I got a sump given to me by a fellow reefer who wanted to unload some equipment he doesn't need. I am going to install it on my 125 gallon FOWLR which is currently filtered by 2 Fluval 306 Canisters. I'm posting some photos so you can see what I have and I'm asking for some ideas from you guys for any modifications before I install it. I am going to use a siphon overflow box since the 125 gallon isn't drilled. Since there is about 15 to 20 gallons of play in case of a power outage, I'm confident this would be okay. Once I'm happy with everything, I may move all the livestock into the sump and drill the 125 in the future. The sump will be sitting on the floor on top of carpet and maybe a yoga mat for leveling. I have a glass shop who can make me some new baffles based on your recommendations

I don't have much experience with sumps. I have a Aqueon 20 gallon Long DIY installed on my 64 gallon Cube. The first compartment has a skimmer, the second is a refugium, the third section has a short glass angled to accommodate a foam trap before the pump return compartment. It works pretty well and I don't have many complaints, except when I am doing a water change and cut the pump off, the back flow raises the water level enough so that the Damsels I keep in the refugium to eat excess food are able to swim over the filter area into the return pump section.

Thank you in advance for your expertise!

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Giving this a bump up for you, hope one of our salty members can help you today

Nicholas Graham

Omg that table is going to break


I Don't know salt water aquariums but engineering is my thing. I'm not too worried about the table , but the tank needs to be supported on the corners. I sure hope you didn't compromise the seals or structural integrity or the tank.

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