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  1. caitlinemm

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    Hey guys, on sunday I will be picking up my first ever large fish tank! It's going to be a 55 gallon that's replacing my 20 gallon high. I have a few ideas for stocking but nothing solid.

    So far for this tank I have:
    6 Emerald Green Corydoras
    2 JUVENILE veil tail angel fish
    6 Pristella Tetras
    3 Guppies
    1 Paradise Gourami

    Some fish I was looking into to add to this tank:
    Bamboo Shrimp
    Bolivian Rams
    Bigger school of Pristellas
    Bigger school of Corydoras
    Some type of Pleco (this is a must for me) (maybe a clown pleco?)
    Chinese Algae Eaters (possibly)
    Lyretail Swordtails (absolutely adore these guys)
    More Guppies maybe
    Another Paradise fish
    Another type of Gourami
    school of black phantom tetras?

    I will have a sunsun hw-303b filter on this tank so the filtration capacity is larger than needed

    Please if you have any ideas suggestions or warnings let me know so I can build the PERFECT community tank.
  2. BottomDweller

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    What gender are your current guppies?

    I would not keep the paradise fish with the rest of your stock. Paradise fish are not really tropical fish and do best at room temperature. Somewhere around 60-68f is ideal for them.

    Bamboo shrimp wouldn't do great with some of your fish since they need high flow to filter feed. The angels, guppies and paradise fish wouldn't like a lot of flow.

    Chinese algae eaters become very aggressive as they get older but there are other peaceful fish that look similar that could work such as Siamese algae eaters or otos.

    Don't mix the paradise fish with other gouramis, this will likely end in fighting and potentially death.

    How about something like this at 75f
    15 pristella tetras
    6 male guppies
    4 male swordtails
    1 dwarf gourami
    2 bolivian rams
    10-12 green cories
    1 bristlenose pleco
    6-8 otos (add last)
    5 amano shrimp

    Or this at 78f
    15 pristella tetras
    6 male guppies
    3 pearl gouramis (1 male, 2 female)
    2 angelfish (watch out for aggression)
    10-12 green cories
    1 clown pleco
  3. CaptainAquatics

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    Ok, So first off here is a warning:

    CAE's are cool when they are small but when they get big they will kill every fish in your tank, they are very territorial when they get big and will literally eat your fish's eyes out. So do NOT get one!

    As for your other ideas I will let someone else answer as I have to get off the forum in a min, good luck!
  4. OP

    caitlinemmNew MemberMember

    This is PERFECT, how would you feel about a honey gourami instead of a dwarf? and my guppies are all male
  5. OP

    caitlinemmNew MemberMember

    Thank you soooooo much!!! I'm thinking otos instead!
  6. BottomDweller

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    Should be ok but they'll be happier in a group. Get 4 or so as they are very sociable. They are shyer than dwarfs so make sure they get enough food at feeding time.