55 gallon algae tank

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So I have 1 tank that has algae growing in it. I took a video just to prove that ALL my tanks aren't perfect. I recently added a clown pleco, which has done good on the back glass...I'm hoping it'll clean the front glass too. I opened up the blind so it gets more sun - I'd like to strike a balance with the algae grown and the pleco. I expected the pleco to be eating the driftwood, not the algae, so that's a pleasant surprise.

Filtration is an XP2 and a 265 gph sunsun

Stock is tiger barbs, colombian tetras, zebra loaches, a clown pleco and chanchitos cichlids. I still would like to get some fish for the top of the tank. Maybe zebra danios, maybe giant danios. I don't have any danios in my collection.

My lighting sucks. Oh, and all that stuff on top of the beautiful black sand is what I didn't get out of the tank before putting the sand in it. Gravel ALWAYS rises to the surface.
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when I saw the title of this post, I thought you had a 55G dedicated to growing algae on purpose! Somehow, everybody seems to be able to grow algae but me. ::Sigh:: so jealous.
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Cool tank! Did I see Kuhlis or something like that wiggle it's way up the water column at the beginning?
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I have been informed that the algae might be a result of my crappy lighting..... and if that's the case then I won't have any algae either. I'm not jealous of people with algae problems.....not in the least. I had some beard algae growing on a piece of decor once - I considered it a plant and left it there.

They are zebra loaches. By far the most active fish in the tank.
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You have crappy lighting and algea? That's unusual. Most people say high light equals alqae. No plants so must be low light? (You usually don't plant)
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In addition to plants (including algae), lights are something I know nothing about. I do know that they are 2 24 inch lights, that are not 24 inches long. so the 48 inch tank only has 40 inches of lighting.

Because the bulbs are old, they are not providing the full spectrum of light. Some colors have dropped off, while yellow remains strong. Yellow is what promotes algae growth.
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Yellow is what promotes algae growth.

That's interesting to know. (and explains a lot! lol)
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Yes, I thought it was too.

I think I'm still going to have to take a scraper to the glass, since some of the algae is really hard.
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If you lower the water line try some hydrogen peroxide on the sponge and scrub glass where algae strong.
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There's algae from top to bottom though. That reminds me, I should lower the water line if I scrape too - don't want water splashing out.
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I know you don't do plants, but some anacharis floating would help.
Anacharis starves out the algea. Maybe a cheap walmart light for now too.
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I'm curious to see how the pleco manages the situation. But, that doesn't change the fact that the lights suck so it's time for new bulbs. Or a 48 inch light.

I have been thinking about adding some floating plants.....

Picked up some more fish, including a new (to the tank) species. Got a few more colombian tetras, and 6 giant danios to occupy the top half of the tank.
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Have you considered some nerites snails, mine knocked my algae problems into history.

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Hey welcome to the forum

I have a nerite in there. If I ever make it to the not so LFS, I'll get a couple more.
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If I ever make it to the not so LFS, I'll get a couple more.
Sounds like your LFS is a million miles away.
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The good one is 50 some miles away, hence not so local. The one that is nearby isn't anything special.

I added the extra colombian tetras and the giant danios tonight. I think the danios are going to be all I hoped they would be. They are still small - the last ones I had were full grown when I gave them away - I just didn't have a tank big enough for them at the time.

I also added the golden wonder killi. I took him out of the 90 when I put the small fish from the 45 in. He went in the 45. Since the female died he's been a nasty bugger. In the 45 he is harassing the rosy barbs, so much so that they hid in the plants all the time. I put him in the 125, but he immediately started trying to mate with the yellow rainbows. He cornered one - the rainbow looked very confused. So now it's in the 55. He's not so tough in the aggressive community tank. The colombians, tiger barbs and chanchitos all gave him a not so warm welcome. When I get some females for him they are going back in the 45.

Still a plant free tank

Here;s a short video, without algae on the front glass. I forgot to clean the streaks though. I also broke my tripod

I just bought an LED light fixture to replace the crappy lights. I'll be sure to post an after video once I get it.
MD Angels
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Wow, that is a big difference! Its a very cool tank. I love the old castle ruins. Is that a giant mass of cichlid fry? That's awesome! What are your plans for them?
Wendy Lubianetsky
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Your tank looks awesome now. I love the theme of the old castels. Beautifully done. Now all your tanks are perfect! LOL :;bb
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Yeah, I don't generally like stuff like that, but I think the castle really fits well. The fry were moved to the 20 long underneath - food for the flounders.
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The tank looks better with the new lights. Always neat to see new lights...
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I got a 48 inch 174 LED light for $75 on ebay. There's one left....

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