55 gal- what else would you add

  1. MuShu

    MuShu New Member Member

    I have a 55 gal reef aquarium that has just finished cycling. I'm running an Ehiem pro canister filter.

    So far, we plan on:
    1 orange clownfish
    1 black clownfish
    1 clown goby
    fan worms
    1 dwarf angel
    Shrimp and snails- type yet to be determined

    Blue spot puffer (though it probably won't work with the fan worms)
    catalina goby
    purple or bicolor dottyback
    six line wrasse
    3 chromis

    Any advice or suggestions? I do love inverts, but I'd also love a puffer. I think realistically, I would take the inverts/fan worms over the puffer. We are planning on polyps and mushrooms, but some of our live rock has already sprouted a few different types of corals (and we're starting to see it on the dry rock we put in the tank as well). With no puffer, I might also consider a clam.
  2. Coradee

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    Bumping this up for you
  3. I

    IlovePuffers New Member Member

    I'm just like you. I love my puffers just as much as my invertebrates. The puffer will tear any invertebrates within a couple of days. Now the six line wrasse is territorial, so I would introduce him last ( one of my first fish) . He is a great choice for reef. Dottyback can be a little aggressive. Chromis are great, cheap and pretty