55 gal setup for sale in SoCal!!!

  1. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    Hi guys. I need to make room for my reptiles and upgrade their homes so I am looking to downsizing alittle bit and make alittle bit of money for them. It is a 55 gallon setup. It has white sand, lava rock, a 55/75 Aqueon quiet flow filter, a 48 inch fluorescent light, and a glass top, it also has a black background that is taped on. It is fully cycled and has been for about 2 years. It is very stable. It doesn't have a heater and I'm not selling the stand. But if you want you can have the cichlids with it, just pm me and I'll send pics of what kinds. I'm asking $100 without cichlids and $150 with them sence they were expensive. Thanks guys!! Let me know! :D I need help!! Lol

    And if you want to make an offer I can try to work something out.
    It just needs to go!!

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  2. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    Ok guys, I'm getting desprate here lol. But I found more stuff I need to get rid of and I'll add to it for $150. I don't have the cichlids anymore, but I'm adding in a huge trash bag full of gravel, big rocks(not just lava), driftwood, a whisper 20i internal filter, 2 brand new filter cartridges, and a big gravel vac. The tank is not cycled anymore because the bacteria has died off.
    But if you live in southern California and are interested in all this stuff for 150$ let me know!!

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