55 gal. fish

  1. weeman90 Initiate Member

    well i got a 55 gal. freshwater tank. got pictures in my profile. got my water tested last week and to start off i got 2 neon tetras and 2 tiger barbs.a week has pasted. today i got 4 more tiger barbs and 6 more neon tetras. also today got 6 ghost shrimp and 1 clown loache.

    so now i have:

    6 ghost shrimp
    6 tiger barbs
    8 neon tetras
    1 clown loache

    if you have any suggestions on anymore fish to add that would be colorfull and look great with my tank please reply thanx
  2. kribensis keeper Member Member

  3. Fishzone08 Member Member

    I wouldnt put a bala shark in their they will outgrow your tank. As for colourful fish Boesmani Rainbows are ideal they get beautiful colours as they get older. Also silver dollars are nice they get about 6 inches a real hardy fish.
  4. dhriscerr Initiate Member

    Wont the clown loache eat the shrimp?