50G hex purchase and rebuild!

  1. g25racer Member Member

    Been a while since on here but, I have made tons of changes to my tanks and just picked up a new one. Will update my other thread with current pics of the rest of the tanks.

    Just picked up a 50g glass hex with stand and canopy for $50. Previous owner used it for a lizard of some sort. So I bought it not knowing if it would hold water.

    First up I tore the stand and canopy apart to clean up the hardware. Also sanded and clear coated the wood as it was looking pretty bad. I only smoothed things out as I wanted to keep the "antique" look it had going for it.

    I then set it up just to see if it leaked.



    Note: The back 3 panels of glass on this tank are chrome/mirror plated which I was not a fan of. Also the top and bottom trim around the tank where painted a horrible bronze color.

    2days up and running and leaks started to appear! Just a few small ones but, I decided to tear it all apart and rebuild/reseal it.

    Spent a few hours cutting all of the old silicone out and cleaning it up with alcohol in prep for new.

    Did some research and found that Krylon fusion paint is fish safe once cured and sticks to glass!! This is what changed my mind into just tearing it apart and resealing the whole thing. I was just going to overlap and fix the leaks at first.

    So today I spent some time taping the front 3 panels off on the inside and outside. The outside back 3 panels were gray and hideous.




    Now I am letting the paint cure overnight and then I will reseal! Bought a tube of Dap 100% silicone in clear and black.

    This tank will be replacing my 29g eclipse. Will be storing the eclipse as its too nice to sell.

    Fish being transferred

    3 electric blue acara
    4 venustus
    2 jewels
    4 julies
    10" common pleco

    Will be adding as they will have plenty of space.

    Just picked up a very large Angel which I might introduce to this tank once its back up
  2. Frogtank1 Member Member

    Tank looks amazing, congrats on a job well done

    +10 for the condition and mow job of your lawn. :p

  3. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    On the photo where you have white paper and blue tape, I was just swiping through really quick and thought I saw a Tardis. That would be one of the most amazing tanks ever! Congrats on the steal, hope it works well for you. Glad you found the paint, I would have hated the mirror as well.:)
  4. g25racer Member Member

    Laid down the clear silicone for the front seams and bottom today! I have to say im pretty proud considering this was my first attempt.


  5. Frogtank1 Member Member

    Any updates? This tank is sweet.. looking forward to
  6. g25racer Member Member

    Sorry yes the tank is completely painted, sealed, and up and running.

    I made my own led strips and attached to the canopy. Running an Aqueon pro 200w heater, Sunsun 5 stage canister, and cheap air pump

    Just put a handle on the bottom cabinet door today

    It took a few attempts at sealing it. First time around the silicone wouldn't stick to the paint and looked messy. So I had to scrape the silicone and some of the paint off.

    2nd time was a success. 2nd time around I used Rustoleum paint and it is sticking much better.

    Tested it outside just to be safe






    This tank is begging for a tall mangrove root center piece! Thats what it will get once funds allow.

    All in I have about $70 into this tank. Not including the equipment of course as I transferred that over from the previous 29

    I at first was going to sell the 29 but, decided my juvenile peacocks and borleyi needed an upgrade. So I cleaned it, painted the back, and set it back up with the stock filter and a few internals.

  7. Secret Oasis Member Member

    Wow the tank looks fantastic but the size of those fish in a hex is a bit worrying though.

  8. g25racer Member Member

    Size of the fish?

    The biggest fish are my EBC's at maybe 4"

    3 EBC - 4"
    4 julies - 3"
    2 jewels - 3"

    That's all thats in here right now. Plenty of room for them considering they were in a 29 before this. Yes I know this tank isn't as wide but none of these fish require tons of swimming space.
  9. Secret Oasis Member Member

    My mistake. I usually look at max sizes when I see fish stocked in tanks just a weird habit. Although i was recommended to re-home a pleco smaller than yours in a 60g hex i was planning to restock. anyways not the topic on hand :-X.

    I love the tanks though :clapping:
  10. g25racer Member Member

    Pleco recommendations are nuts. I have seen 14" plus pleco's in 55g tanks or smaller.

    Once pleco's get over about 8" they are useless. They are lazy and don't move around much. No its not because they are outgrowing the tank.

    I have a 14" pleco in my 75 and he rarely ever moves out of his one spot. That is unless I overfeed the cichlids. He then swims to the top and gobbles up left overs. It's crazy to watch


  11. snowdr Initiate Member

    My foot long plus pleco is very active. He is always cleaning the sides of the glass in my new 72. He was in a 55 and started in my 29. I never have had any algae to clean up - actually in years I haven't had to clean the sides of his tank. He is at least 6 years old.
  12. aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    That tank looks incredible and the stand and hood. Wow you must or should be extremely proud of yourself. :;perfect Alison