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  1. owaiz Valued Member Member

    Hi ,
    My 500 L tank with pebbles substrate having a Arowana and few Silver Dollars, Arowana will move out when he start to outgrow this tank. The problem I face is the tank glass getting more dirtier, Lot of dust settling there, can’t clean often coz fishes are getting stressed and Arowana getting panicked if I try cleaning the glass. Is there a way to maintain the tank clean? My other planted tank is so clean I never cleaned the glass in last 1 year, coz I have 1 nerite Snail and 2 otocinclus tank size 120 L. Is there any such option available for my 500L tank to maintain the glass clean ?

  2. ShamFish97 Valued Member Member

    Maybe some plecos? I love those guys, and they do a good job keeping my glass clean.
  3. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    You could try one of those magnetic algae scrubbers? One side goes inside the tank and you move the other on the outside. It might stress the fish less than putting your whole arm in the tank.
  4. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    I would do the magnetic scrubbers, I have them on my tanks and love them! Plecos I find are often lazy and create more mess than they help resolve.

    I would try to slowly get the fish use to you working in and around the tank tho. It'll help in the long run to be able to do things like put your hand in the tank to scrub and such without the fish panicking!
  5. wintermute Valued Member Member

    You can try just putting your fingers in the water and leave them there still for a while, my fish got curious and came to have a look. Once they get used to fingers and don't see them as a threat, you will probably find that your hand and arm are no longer a problem :)

    My mollies will come and have a nibble on my hand or arm when it is in the tank. When they were first getting used to my fingers, I said they were giving them an exfoliation ;)

  6. owaiz Valued Member Member

    Awesome, you trained them well, exfoliation thanks for the tips I don’t know how Aro will entertain my fingers will try surely thank you.

    Even bottom dweller suggested the same so I will buy one for regular use.
    Pleco can be just single right ? Here it’s not available easily but hill stream loaches are easily available and they are small too so they don’t mess the tank would a couple of Hill stream loach help instead of a single pleco?

    Thank you [ ] the best solution
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