500 Freshwater Aquarium Fish consulting editor Greg Jennings


It starts out with a 3-4 page description of what a fish is. It then goes and shows pictures of the 500 most popular aquarium fish. They are sorted into cichlids, catfish, cyprinids, characoids, loaches and suckers, gouramis and relatives, rainbows and blue-eyes, killifish, livebearers, and misc. fish.

I got it for my birthday but the people that got it for me paid $19.76CDN+taxes(includes s&h). They got it from chapters.ca.

The good thing about it is that it shows a lot more different fish than most books have and has info on all the fish shown. It is also very nicely organized.

The bad thing about it is the info given isn't very long, and for size of the book, it is only about a 7" square that is about 2" thick. Other than those two things, I would recommend buying it.


I'll have to try it.
What was the site for it?

I just got a book recommending different aquariums that a person could make putting different fish together in their natural habitat. If u ever need any info I could give you info from that book.

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