50% Stocked? 55 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Azulix, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. AzulixNew MemberMember

    Hey guys,

    I have a 55 gallon aquarium that has been established for 4 months now and I was wondering if I could get some stocking advice. I currently have a few fish and I was wondering what else I could add.

    5 - Guppies
    2- Dwarf Honey Gourami
    2- Pearl Gourami
    7- Sterbai Cory Cats
    6 - Siamese Algea Eaters
    4 - Red Wag Platys
    8 - Red wag play fry (3/4 weeks old?)
    4 - Mollys

    So in total I have 38 fish and I would either add more Cory Cats and Guppies or I would like a school of Rummy Nose Tetras. Any advice? Or should I keep the stock where it is at?
  2. CanadianJoeh

    CanadianJoehWell Known MemberMember

    I'm no stocking expert but it seems like you could keep it where it is.

    I would ask @TexasDomer
  3. Mary765

    Mary765Well Known MemberMember


    You have some stocking issues if you would like to discuss them... :)

    I'm afraid he cannot. It's just not safe for the fish.

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  4. CanadianJoeh

    CanadianJoehWell Known MemberMember

    What website/page do you use to calculate this? (The screenshot you sent)

  5. Mary765

    Mary765Well Known MemberMember

    Aqua advisor. It's the most accurate, reliable and reputable aquarium stocking calculator on the internet (and used by most of us here on fishlore)
  6. OP

    AzulixNew MemberMember

    I guess I will down size on some of the fish then. My Gour
    Thanks for the advice! I tried out the website and it seems kind odd. When I add 7 Sterbai Cory Cats and 6 Siamese Algea Eaters it says my stocking level is at 92%. That seems kinda absurd for 13 fish doesn't it?

  7. Five 97

    Five 97Well Known MemberMember

    By "dwarf honey gouramis" are you referring to Trichogaster chuna or Trichogaster lalius? You could either up the numbers of your sterbai school to 10-15 adding to the existing 7, OR add another smaller school of warm water cories like C. aeneus alonside the 7 sterbai. With all the livebearers that are currently occupying the tank, you don't have much space for another school of mid-dwelling fish like rummies. If you wanted to, you could rehome them and do the rummynose in their stead, but I don't know how attached you are to them. Also, in hindsight, although it is a large tank (55g), if you don't have a place to take all the livebearer fry, I would consider removing either all females or males.

    It's not entirely accurate nor should it be relied on as a sole source, I would only use it as a very basic guidelining tool. I've come across some misleading information regarding certain fish types and situations on several occasions. :)
  8. Mary765

    Mary765Well Known MemberMember

    I know it's not entirely accurate, but it is the best tool out there as of yet. I don't use it at face value, as you could safely get to aqua advisors "120%" stocking line without much repercussion. However, 164% is too much stocking, and I could tell they just by looking at the stocking list op provided that it was overstocked.

    It is a little hard to work at first, but you will soon get the hang of it. The thing is, both of these fish groups have hugs bioloads. It's not about the number of fish but about their size and bioload.

    For a start, I would get rid of one of your pairs of goarmis (because they might fight) and either the algae eaters or the Cory cats (your choice)

    Guppies have a large bioload too, so get rid of them and then you are at a safer stocking level!

    Do you have a tester kit? What are the readings? And how much water are you changing/how often?
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  9. OP

    AzulixNew MemberMember

    My Gourami's are the Trichogaster Chuna. Honestly the Gourami's seem like they have never even noticed each other. They actually just stick to there pairs and will swim past each other and even share algae wafers.

    When it comes to water changes I will do two water changes a week with each one around 20-30%. When it comes to my water parameters I am usually right at 7.0 PH sometimes at 6.8 but I balance it immediately. Ammonia, Nitrate and Nitrite are always at 0. I can do a water test when I get home for you guys if need be.

    When it comes to the Cory Cats they are my all time favorite fish so those guys are here to stay! I am okay with parting ways with the Siamese Algae Eaters and guppies.

    Here is a photo of my tank and a break down of it so you guys have a better idea of what my fish are living in!
    -Hydor 350 Canister Filter
    -Semi Automatic C02 system with 5lb C02 tank
    -Hydor ETH 300 in line heater
    -CaribSea Eco-Complete substrate (with root tabs)
    -Finnex Ray2 light

    The photo of my tank is about 3 weeks old.

    Attached Files:

  10. Mary765

    Mary765Well Known MemberMember

    Wait, nitrates at 0? Even in the best maintained tanks this is hard to get; let alone an overworked tank.

    Do you know about the nitrogen cycle, and more importantly, did you cycle your tank?
  11. Lance0414

    Lance0414Well Known MemberMember

    That looks good but i would choose between the Gouramis, and if you get Pearl watch for aggression as they get mean when breeding or when they feel like it. I would not do SAE as they get big and mean and would harass other bottom dwellers. How about this stock?
    5 Honey Gourami(1 Male 4 Female)s or 3 Pearl Gourami(1 Male 2 Females)
    12 Sterbai Cories
    2 Clown Plecos(Male/Female)
    8 Platies(2-3 Males 6-5 Females)
    5 Mollies(1 Male 4 Females)
  12. OP

    AzulixNew MemberMember

    I'm aware of the nitrogen cycle and when I set this tank up I did a fishless 5 week cycle. I dosed with bacteria and had it planted since day 1. I also took my penguin bio wheel and sponge filters (from established tanks) and added them and used established water from a tank as extra precaution.
  13. Mary765

    Mary765Well Known MemberMember

    Huh, that's strange. Your tank is medium planted so maybe that is what's absorbing all the nitrates. What test kit are you using?
  14. OP

    AzulixNew MemberMember

    I love the list and would need to look into clown plecos since they have never really caught my eye. Do you have an alternative to the plecos just in case?

    I use an API master test kit
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  15. Mary765

    Mary765Well Known MemberMember

    Must be fast growing plants then :)
  16. OP

    AzulixNew MemberMember

    Honestly they have been a pain. They are growing so much I have to cut them once every other week or the back glass is not even visible. They are actually growing so fast that I had to remove two whole bushels of plants and they almost blocked out a good portion of light from floating on the top from being too long. Hopefully removing two of the bushels of plants makes it easier to maintain.
  17. Mary765

    Mary765Well Known MemberMember

    Ah, so that's where the nitrates are!! Gotcha
  18. OP

    AzulixNew MemberMember

    Any how, with that list of fish you said earlier. Do you have any alternative to the pleco stocking wise?
  19. OP

    AzulixNew MemberMember

    By the way I would take my fish to the LFS but I was wondering how I should go about removing them? In groups of 7 fish? I dont want to send my tank into shock.
  20. Mary765

    Mary765Well Known MemberMember

    One group of 7 fish in a tank your size should be ok! A group of 7 fish a month maybe is safe, just keep an eye on your params

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