50 Gallon Tank Refurbish and Build


I picked up this free tank, set it outside and filled it with water. No leaks. I noticed some sealant around the outside was peeling off so I decided to reseal just the outside (I don't have aquarium sage silicone to use in the inside)

The blackframe was cracked in some places but the tank held strong. I put some filler in the cracks and sanded them. They were rough. Repainted them black because they had bad water stains.

I painted the outside bottom of the tank black. Mostly because I was bored and I figured it may or may not make a neat effect if I don't have enough substrate when I first put together the tank.

Thoroughly rinsed the tank and wiped it down, cleaned the outside glass with glass cleaner to remove water stains and dried it. Now letting it sit in the garage.


Stand Build

I plan to build a stand for this tank before I get it set up at all. Ive found a couple of good blueprints and calculated ill need almost 40 feet of 2x4 if I want it the way I would like it
Hopefully I'll be able to get the lumber tomorrow and begin the build as well. But knowing my dad, that won't happen -.-


I'll be delivering the tank to the school tomorrow during lunch time to the kids don't bug me about it. Or maybe after they get released. I still haven't decided. lol. It'll just be interesting to see the princibles face when I carry that huge tank in the school 0.0 He likes my small tank but I'm not sure what he'll say about this one lol. I also need to come up with a better way to haul this stuff. My convertible's leather seats took some hits while lugging the tank home D: I suppose I'll be smarter and lay down towels so they won't get ripped or punctured tomorrow.


Sounds like you've got your work cut out for ya.

Why are you putting it in a school exactly?
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Originally it was because there was nowhere else to put it :/ now it's more or less to educate the kids. Other teachers like to bring their students in to look at the fry and ask about fish. But I no longer have the 50G.. So this project was a bust. But I am getting a 20G that I hope to refurbish and use

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