5, surprise! Molly babies

  1. C

    Chuger New Member Member

    I sat down to enjoy my tank last night and was VERY shocked to see 5 little molly babys swimming around! I have a female balloon molly and a male black molly and had no idea she was preggos. There are only 5, is that a small number? Seems small, I can assume the others were eaten/died?

    These are little but have color to them and move all around the tank. I think they are not brand new, maybe a few days old? Any ideas?

    (I had two females but one died suddenly a few weeks ago).

    We are moving soon so I am going to just see how many, if any survive. Otherwise I'd set up my 5 gallon and really try. Anyone have any survive staying in the main tank?

    I have 2 African dwarf frog, 2 mystery snails, and the two molly parents. Moderately planted with live plants. I've pulled up some of my plant grass to let it float at the top to give them a little grass pad up there. And moved my 3 giant miss balls around to make a corner nook of plants and rocks for them.

    I'm going to feed twice daily to make sure the big fish stay full. Any other suggestions?

    What a shock!
  2. el337

    el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    You can expect a lot more fry coming. It's possible the others were eaten but if you don't want a constant population, I'd rehome the female and the babies. What size tank?
  3. K

    Kwig Well Known Member Member

    I was going to say, why were you surprised? They have babies literally every 30 days or so. Haha.
    What size tank is this?