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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by frogfan, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. frogfanValued MemberMember

    ok idk where to put this because its like 3 parts
    1 of the fish i just got has white spots on her tial i just noticed them yesterday they havnt spread and no other fish have them currently there are 3 guppies in the tank both females have something red hanging out of their anal what ever that thing is called it may just be poop since they eat multi colored food and their poop is usually reddish but it looks pointed and is just poking out a little are there any worms or parasites that look like that?
    the 3rd thing is i have 2 minnows that have been in a gallon bowl for the last few days but the water is nasty it stinks and they are producing alot of waste i want to put them in the QT since its filtered but im not sure if this is a good idea i have been using the same turkey baster and containers to do WC for both the 5 and 1g so they have all been exposed to the same things already
    i have marineland ich med and kordons methylene blue but have not added either to the tank as of yet the kordons says that it will kill the bio filter and may cause an ammonia spike but not to do a wc for 2 weeks so im at a loss as to what to do the store i got the kordons at didnt have any paraguard or things like that i can do a salt treatment but cant do a heat treatment because i have a preset heater i can also return the guppies to petco but then have to kill off any parisites in the tank before getting new ones ok that was more then 3 parts

    I put the minnows in the qt i had to leave and didnt want to leave them in the bowl for 2 days
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  2. poeticinjustices

    poeticinjusticesWell Known MemberMember

    Hi Frogfan. Sorry your fish aren't well :(

    To answer your question - there is a parasite that can look like what you are describing. They are called camallanus worms and are no fun. I do not know much about them but there is a sticky at the top of the disease forum that might help you figure out if this is what your fish has. I'm not saying it is, but it's certainly worth investigating. I think tapeworms may also look like that or some kind of prolapse but I'm really not familiar and thus am uncomfortable saying anything conclusively. It's just some stuff you may want to research.

    As for the white spots - do they look like salt grain? Are the fish exhibiting any strange behavior like flashing (rubbing on ornaments, gravel, etc)?

    I don't really think medicating is in order without a proper diagnosis but I'm having a little trouble following so I may be missing something. Methylene Blue will destroy your cycle as well as stain just about everything in your tank. Personally, I prefer to do methylene blue baths outside of the tank but, again, reticent to recommend anything without a clear diagnosis. I don't recall methylene blue really being used to treat any of the things you are describing, though someone else can chime in.

    Perhaps some photographs would be helpful?
  3. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Hi frogfan
    I'm sorry you are having issues. :(

    Can you post a clear picture of the red thing?

    Like poeticinjustices said, there are some nasty parasites that could look like that.
    Could also be poo or a prolapse depending on what it looks like.
  4. OP

    frogfanValued MemberMember

    i cant get a clear picture of anything the camera on my phone is awful the 1 spot i can see on her tail clearly looks like a fuzzy spot on both sides the other 2 or 3 are very small and nearly the color of her tail just less clear the best description i can give of the red thing was it was very small like a pin head and only sticking out a fraction of a millimeter i wouldn't have even noticed it if i hadn't been checking them for spots but it was on both females and not the male my thought was maybe it was some implanted tissue i read that the male guppies implant the females with some tissue when breeding rather then sperm ?

    so lets assume they are camallanus worms i can return them to petco they of coarse will likely just stick them in a QT or back in the main tank but what ever. what is the likely hood that the other guppies i got 3 weeks ago and just put in the 29 g tank also have them ? the new fish were recently added to the tank at petco when i got the first boys they only had 4 now they have like 40 . Im asking because if i need to buy meds to treat the worms the first 2 may have i might as well treat all 5 in both tanks and to think of it i have been using the same net and baster in both tanks so id need to treat every one anyway . this is all giving me a head ache the red thing in the females looks like 1 of the videos but it wasn't moving at all or going in and out it was there while they were swimming eating ect. threw the course of the day neither seems lethargic they are all eating
    Well i just checked the fish the white spots havnt got any worse and shes still eating and swiming well so it may just be a mark or fmdefect in her tail. As for the worms i dont see the red anymore but there is alot of poo in the bottom of the tank looks like normal poo at least what i think is normal about 1/2 in strands of pink poo their food is mostly yellow and red so pink seems consistant with that

    Update the females still showing the red thing in her anal vent it doesnt appear to be moving and 1 of the minnlws has suddenly developed what looks like a pimple under his eye
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