5 Gallon Unfiltered Question


For those that has one betta with no other inhabitants in a 5 gallon unfiltered tank because your fish doesn't like the current no matter how much you baffle it, how much and how often do you change the water?

I also have a good 1-2" PFS in there as well and 6 good size Marimo moss balls.

Thank you for any input.


I used to have an unfiltered six-gallon tank with one small betta in it. I changed it twice a week, about 25-40% each time.


If you want to go unfiltered in a small tank, I would strongly recommend looking up the Walstad Method. Putting a dirt floor in your tank functions just as well as a filter, with zero water movement necessary. If you plant heavily your water quality will be very stable despite the small tank, your betta will likely appreciate it, and you won't need many/large water changes.


Planting heavily is really the key to a filter less setup. The moss balls won't due much really, as they are super slow growing.

Floating plants are the best ammonia and nitrate magnets.

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