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    I bought a Fluval Spec V on Black Friday but haven't done anything with it yet. It will still be a while until I'm ready to set it up but I'm curious to see what I can put in it.

    I've looked into pea puffers, scarlet badis (Dario Dario), and least killifish (not sure on the Latin name. Couldn't find much clear info on Killifish.) However, I still consider myself to be a beginner aquarist and none of these seem to be beginner fish. Any suggestions? I've also seen celestial pearl danios but don't know much about them either.

    I'd be okay with a solitary fish but would like to try some schooling fish if possible. I don't want to deal with fry so nothing that reproduces quickly/on their own. Preferably fish that can be kept either all male or all female. I'd also be interested in aquatic frogs if anyone has info on those. Thanks in advance!
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    Here's a good list of fish suitable for a 5 gallon tank

    In my opinion 5 gallons is too small for schooling fish because they need to be kept in group of 6+ and are usually quit active

    I would suggest 2 male endlers with some neocardinia shrimp, amano shrimp and 1 or 2 nerite snails.

    What sort of info do you want about frogs?
    If you get frogs make sure you get African dwarf frogs not African clawed frogs which get much larger and would need a bigger tank.

    I looked through the 5 gallon list and thought the fish were pretty cool but I ended up stocking my 5 gallon in a pretty common way. I currently have 1 betta and 1 nerite snail and plan to add 1 rabbit snail, 2 pest snails and 4 amano shrimp.

    Edit: typing at the same time as leeexie-flowy, we had the same idea, it's a good thread!
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    So schooling and schoaling are similar in some ways. With nano fish they are more likely to be schoaling.

    On the list you linked you would be lookimy at the rasboras.

    BTW... Nano fanatic here.
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    How many frogs could be kept in a species only tank? Can frogs be accurately sexed and do they need to be kept in certain gender ratios? What do they eat? What temp should they be kept at? Can they be kept in a bare bottom tank? Do they need plants? I think that's all the questions I have, that was a lot of questions, oops!

    I'll take a look at the 5 gallon stocking thread, I couldn't seem to find one earlier!

    Hmmm, I'll have to look into schooling vs shoaling
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    Around 2.5 gallons per frog is good
    Not really but it doesn't matter too much.
    It doesn't matter too much what genders you have.
    They are mostly carnivorous so frozen foods (like bloodworms) are good along with frog pellets
    Bare bottom is fine
    They don't need plants but like most aquatic animals they like them.
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    Do they breed on their own? I really don't want to deal with babies. One more thing, are they more sensitive to water conditions? I understand all aquatic creatures need clean water but some are more sensitive than others.
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    No they are very difficult to breed and raise the eggs and tadpoles from what I understand.
    Not particularly sensitive but water should have 0 ammonia and nitrite and 0-20pppm nitrate like for fish.
    Also they are social so you should keep them in groups of 2+
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    Is there a way to tell the difference between dwarf frogs and clawed frogs?
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    Yeah they look very different. Look up some pictures and you'll see. The clawed are more "puffy"
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    I recommend Least Killifish. They are in my ten gallon and are fun fish to watch.