5 Gallon, Stocking, And Adfs?

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    Hi everyone! New here and to aquarium keeping!
    I had set up a 5 gallon tank with African dwarf frogs in mind, but now i am not sure what is best.
    My tank is the Top Fin Retreat 5 gallon. I have it set up with an Anubias, a couple moss balls, some pots for hiding/decor, a driftwood/moss tree, and some sort of river rocks on top of the substrate.
    My tank is somewhere that it gets sunlight and there is foot traffic (not moving it), which I have heard both things are not good for ADFs. Is this true, and if it is will they be fine with enough hiding spots?
    If I did decide, however, to get them I have some questions about stocking with them. Firstly, I read they need to be kept in at least pairs, true? And if so, does this mean I cannot put anything else in the tank?
    And if I need to choose between the frogs and fish, what would you recommend? If you were to come into someone’s home, would you be more excited if you saw some African dwarf frogs or... ????
    Thank you for any suggestions and advice!
  2. NC122606

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    @CMB has some ADFs and could help you I bet.
    Anyways Welcome!
  3. NoodleKeeper

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    Some other options is a betta, perhaps 3 guppies...

    I wouldnt put much thought into what OTHER people want to look at when they visit your home. Enjoy your tank how you want.

    I know nothing about frogs, but if you really want them, i think theres no harm provided you have the right set up.

    Welcome by the way :)
  4. Brenden

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    I personally love ADFs and if I saw them in a tank I would immediately want to check it out.

    I mean, I am very new to keeping them. Recently bit the bullet and bought 2 of them. One of which is my avatar on here.

    I'd say that as long as people are not constantly going up and tapping on the tank or harassing them, they'd be fine in a tank with lots of hiding spaces and plants. When my frogs get spooked they generally lay under my amazon sword plant and wait until the coast is clear to come back out.

    As far as stocking goes, just because an ADF sits in one spot most of the time, doesn't mean it doesn't need space. ADF's do not follow the "inch per gallon" rule. They actually need a tad more than that from what I heard. I'd say 2 ADFs in a 5 gallon is fine. They should always be AT LEAST in pairs, because they are social and like to have other frogs nearby.

    I have observed the two frogs I have swimming together when it's time to surface for air. They tend to do most things in tandem.

    Fish that would go well with the 2 ADFs are small peaceful fish. You could likely do 3 of any smaller tetra. You could do 2 or so guppies. You could do 1 Betta and the 2 adfs (but I have heard some Bettas get nippy at ADFs, which would drive them nuts and stress them).

    I'd definitely recommend getting some shrimp, and maybe a Nerite snail. I wouldn't do any more than 1 Nerite, and maybe 3-4 shrimp in a tank that size.
  5. BottomDweller

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    ADF are social so you need more than 1. A 5 gallon tank with 2 ADF would be pretty much fully stocked but you could have a nerite snail too. Fish do not make good tankmates with ADF usually anyway.
    If you chose fish instead you have a few options. Scarlet badis, pea puffers, bettas, endlers or pygmy gouramis would be ok in a 5 gallon.

    Here's a link with some more ideas

    If you can I would try to prevent sunlight hitting the tank. Putting a tank in the sun will cause daily temperature fluctuations and could overheat your fish or frogs when it is sunny. The sunlight will also promote algae growth.
  6. OP

    MaryABethNew MemberMember

    Thank you so much for your help and personal insight.
    I’m thinking I will go with the frogs. Have you had any issues with yours escaping? I have no idea why they designed this tank to have gaps on every single edge of the lid, but I went ahead and ordered some more lid clips that will hopefully solve this and I’ll put them on before I get the ADFs. Still worried there may be tiny spaces tho, and I’ve heard these guys are like escape artists.

    So do you think I could put anything else with the two frogs or the tank is too small? Originally I was thinking 2 frogs, 2 guppies, and something to eat algae, but upon doing research I feel that that’s overcrowding now. But I do think I NEED something for the algae due to the sunlight, and I really WANT to put other fish. But of course I want everyone to be happy and healthy.
    I have 10 other pets (lol) so my concern is always for the animals first.

    Thank you! My main concern was the temperature changes initially too, so the first thing I did was buy a thermometer for the tank. And the temperature has actually been fine, I guess perhaps because there is an awning outside that particular window. Not sure, but it works. So my only concern with the window is, yes, the algae.

    Do we think I could put the two frogs, one fish, and one of something to eat the algae?

    I also was thinking about a couple otocinclus for the algae.
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  7. BottomDweller

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    Otos need a 20 gallon minimum and are very delicate fish. They are schooling so should be kept in groups of 6 +

    WIth 2 ADF in a 5 gallon you are fully stocked. Even if you weren't it is generally not a good idea to mix frogs and fish.

    You do not need any animals for algae control, just wipe the glass with a soft sponge or one of those magnetic algae cleaners. You could add a single nerite snail which would eat algae.
  8. watermelon46

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    ADF prefer species tanks, but if you want fish, some options are:
    1x scarlet gem + 4x asian stone catfish
    1 betta fish
    2 pea puffers + nerite snails