5 Gallon Nano Build

  1. frankthe5th Initiate Member

    Got inspired by the larger builds on here, so I decided to go on the opposite end of the spectrum and do a nano build. Will update with more pics as I progress. Currently have:

    5 gallon tank w filter
    Eco complete substrate

    Potential plants:
    Hair grass, baby dwarf tears, something to put on the driftwood maybe..? (Suggestions welcome)

    Potential fish:
    Maybe a beta, more likely killifish.
    Red Shrimp

    Enjoy! 3da2aad28d913cb8ee735ae71da9d5af.jpg ff75ca5cad251cce712687c92fc4228b.jpg
  2. stella1979 Well Known Member Member

    +1 for killifish :)