5 gallon hex, shrimp?

  1. v

    vasqua03 Valued Member Member

    I may have a 5 gallon in my hands in a few days with filter and heater. I was thinking of getting it set up with some sand like substrate and getting it planted. I want to put a small piece of driftwood (branchlike) that come up to the filter with a bit of moss, some java fern and maybe an anubia. First time planting a tank too. Let it run for a few months but ultimately I would love to own a bamboo shrimp and maybe a red crystal shrimp too. I really like the tigers and the blue shrimp but I ma not sure i can source them. Can I keep a couple of shrimp in this kind of tank? I wouldn't even try to put fish in here so if this isn't an option then I don;t really know what to do :( Thoughts? suggestions?
  2. Akari_32

    Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Bamboo's get too big, but Cherry, Chrystal, Tiger, etc, are good choices :)
  3. S

    SJ408 New Member Member

    5G is more than enough to keep shrimp!
  4. c

    cameronpalte Valued Member Member

    To start for fish a single beta fish would be nice.

    10 gallons is absolute minimum for a bamboo shrimp so they get to big. However crystal shrimps are fine, though I recommend red cherry shrimps which you can fit ~50 in a 5g (100% estimating, confirm this number before making decisions. Note that red cherry shrimp reproduce so don't start with this many).
  5. I keep fish

    I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    If you get a betta Make sure to get to know him to see if he can have tank mates bettas will make quick snacks out of RCS
  6. S

    SJ408 New Member Member

    +1 to what imca29 said. I had a betta with 10 RCS. He enjoyed them as food more than tank mates:p