5.5 Gallon Shrimp Tank: Take Two


As some of you know I lost my home and was in a rush to find places for all of my animals overnight. My managers were kind enough to let me keep my shrimp tank here at work for a maximum of three months. Its of course been a while since I've updated any of you guys on this tank.

And holy goodness looking back at old photos this tank has really flourished.

A list of equipment:
5.5 gallon tank
Glads canopy
Odysea light fixture
"Double" sponge filter
Tetra 50W heater
Plain ol' gravel under a layer of carribsea black sand

Dwarf Sag
Java Fern
Anubias Nana
Some sort of fern that nobody can identify
Red plant I can't remember the name of (came with my red cherry shrimp)
Crypt Wendtii
And the other plant I forgot the name of lol
As well as the stem plants in the back I forgot the name of haha

Red Cherry Shrimp
Ghost Shrimp
RilI Red Shrimp
Ivory Mystery Snail
Ramshorn Snails
Malaysian Trumpet Snails

Fishy things: (All just growing out)
Dalmation Lyretail Molly fry x3
Guppy Fry x1
Bristlenose Pleco

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