4wk Old What To Do?

  1. Penny_Dropped Initiate Member

    we had 5 fry survive out of our first lot of platey, 3 normal and 2 black, they all looked healthy, today one black can no longer swim, it has a swollen stomach. Do we give it a chance in our hatchery or...

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  2. Penny_Dropped Initiate Member

    Scrap that. The pair of platies killed it. They have been together all 4 weeks :-/

  3. ashark8me Member Member

    Why do you say the platies killed it?
  4. ashark8me Member Member

    Or do you mean they were picking at it after it was already weakened. That is pretty common. I guess I was wondering if you think they are the cause of its original ailment.

  5. Penny_Dropped Initiate Member

    Because we seen it, it was swimming corner to corner an the platies where attacking it whilst the offer molly* stayed away