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  1. StarFall

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    I haven't been on in a while. Anyways, my family is going to help me get a 45 gallon fish tank if I sell my 35 gallon hexagon. The dimensions are 36 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 24 inches tall. I think I know what I'm going to stock it with, but I decided to come here to make sure everything would work out. I will have to move the fish from my 35 gallon into the new tank. The only fish I currently have in the 35 gallon is a trio of young keyhole cichlids. Here is my stocking plan for the new 45 gallon tank:
    1 angelfish
    3 keyhole cichlids
    5-12 rummy nose tetras

    I wasn't sure how many rummy nose tetras I could get, and I'm entirely sure if the angelfish would be able to live in there, but from my research, all of these fish should be able to live together peacefully. What do you guys think? Could I get more fish? Should I get less?
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  2. Ed204

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    Hi there,
    I think it might work. However, do you have an idea on the sex of the keyholes?
    Because if they spawn that could be a giant problem for the angel.

    6-12 Rummy Nose Tetras would work, they are normally housed with angels in multiple community tanks however, once the angel is bigger keep an eye on them.
  3. BottomDweller

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    I think a pair of keyholes would be better but it would be an issue if they spawn.
    I think you could add a school of kuhli loaches or warm water cories to that stock.
  4. ashenwelt

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    I would do 8 rummynose. They love to actually school. You have a gorgeous stocking picked out.

    Will you be planting it? It sounds like your getting the aqueon 45? It has a very low light t-8 standard usually. But that can work fine for some slow growing low light plants.
  5. OP

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    I think the keyhole cichlids might be 2 males and 1 female, but it might be the other way around. 2 of them are growing faster and are less round than the other. Should I remove the one I think is the other sex, to make sure they don't pair and cause problems in the tank?

    I'll have to think about adding bottom dwellers, I'm not sure if they would be able to get enough food. I would like to have kuhli loaches though, but it's difficult to find the striped ones.

    I do plan on planting it, but I'm going to use diy lighting.
  6. vikingkirken

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    I wouldn't worry about the cichlids unless/until you see aggression. It's entirely possible they will be fine. Keyholes are pretty peaceful and enjoy being in a group. Angels are mid-water fish, they should stay out of each others' way in this tall tank.

    And I'd do at least 10-12 rummynose, they will be much happier in the larger school! Six is not enough, particularly if you're putting an angel in there.
  7. OP

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    Ok. Mine seem a bit more aggressive than others, but I'll add them last to make sure they don't fight new fish over territory.

    And I was hoping a could have more rummy noses, they're so pretty when they swim together in a big school.
  8. Anders247

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    You can do 8 rummynose and 8 cardinals, as well as, say, 8 kuhli loaches, IMO. This is a 36 inch long tank after all. In addition to the angel and the keyholes, of course.
  9. OP

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    Th e cardinals at my lfs are a bit too expensive for me, would there be any other schooling fish that would work?
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  12. OP

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    I'll try looking for those fish. If I can't find them, maybe I'll just get a big school of rummy nose tetras. I really like diamond tetras though, so I'll have to try finding some.