45 gallon tank 1 or 2 HOB filters

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    craigsol New Member Member

    hi all
    i currently have a 15 gallon tank and i am upgrading to a ~45 gallon tank. my current tank has been running for 2 years and has a 20 gallon capacity HOB filter. i was wondering when i make the switch would i be better of doing two hob filters that are say ~30 gallon capacity each or one that is 60 gallon capacity? what is the rule of thumb. thanks
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    Teishokue Well Known Member Member

    Get a canister
  3. Chance

    Chance Valued Member Member

    Honestly either or would do just fine :) and with it being a 45 gallon with a filtration capacity for up to 60 gallons your tank will be nice and clean!

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  4. Phishphin

    Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    Truly, it depends on your fish! If you had goldfish or discus (both notoriously messy) you might want 10 times (or more) that of the recommended filtration for most fish. It also depends heavily on your stocking levels and the overall bioload of each fish.

    To disagree slightly, I don't think I would choose either of those options. I would really recommend "over filtration" to ensure you have plenty of water passing through plenty of beneficial bacteria. Even though a total of 60 gallon rated filtration sounds nice in a 45 gallon tank, I'd really consider it an effective minimum. Your gallons per hour (gph) or turn over rate is a really more accurate way of thinking of filtration. For example, 200gph in a 40 gallon tank would turn your water over 5x. You really want to shoot for a gph that will turn your water over at least 5x per hour. 5x per hour is a good rule of thumb for a tank that is not overstocked and does not contain overly messy fish.

    Either HOB or cannister filters will work for the size of your tank, depending on their respective gph. Cannisters, imho, generally last longer and allow for more customization for future needs.

    edit:gph is usually provided on the box of the filter or in its description online. If it is not provided, avoid that filter. :)
  5. bescher

    bescher Valued Member Member

    I have a rated 70 gal HOB ( Fluval C4 and a fluval 306 cannister filter) on my 30 gal they great together along with 2 small sponge filters more for air than anything else)
    But over filtration is always good. I am also moving to a fifty gal as well so setting up early