45 Gal dual build

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So I am in the slow process of building a part land part water tank. This has been in the works for a while but I've struggled with things like the frame design of the supporting structure. Now I have that all squared away and have been working on the base for my land mass. My plan here is to have build in a waterfall/stream structure to return the water from filtration to the water portion of the tank. The front edge of the land mass will be cut down to reveal a sloping up land piece. I am open to suggestions of possible plants up here. I only have the ability to put about 1.5 inches of any type of soil/substrate here...of course they're gonna have to be fish safe as any run off water is gonna drain right into the main tank.
For the water portion, I plan to hang lights from the top portion to enable me to run co2 and grow anything i want. My plan is to do a very heavily planted tank.
I plan to cover all foam with silicone and cover with coco fiber. hanging vines to conceal the edges. I was considering possibly some type of lizard but the tank really isn't big enough to give enough space for both fish, land plants, and a reptile. i also considered air plants but I feel like the high humidity of my tank room plus the waterfall running through the environment would prohibit that. I need land plants that stay small and dont need much root structure. I have been searching but haven't found much online. Its rather specific parameters.
Edit: this is far from my first tank. simply my first "super custom tank"
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This sounds like an interesting project especially with the shape of the tank, they can be hard to ‘scape, look forward to watching it progress :)
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