40g Tank. stocking with fish... Good group of tank mates?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Lowiebruh, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Lowiebruh

    LowiebruhNew MemberMember

    Hey all ..
    Just got my tank up and runnung its been cycling for about a week everythings in order...

    Im just wondering what a good group of fish would be to put in my 40g eg like gouramis... cat fish....

    thankyou i have 2 plants a log and a rock in my tank :)
  2. BunnyPuncher

    BunnyPuncherValued MemberMember

    Assuming you are doing a regular cycle you still have a bunch of weeks to prepare. First step is to decide roughly what kind of tank you want, the standard tropical community, an aggressive tank, a "biotopish" (eg. pseudo amazonia) a species tank etc.

    With one tank, ask yourself what the one species "I must have in my tank!" is and start researching it and suitable tankmates. My "go to" set up has always been an angelfish +friends tank because, well, I like angels :D Others are nutz over African Lake Cichlids, ottos, corys etc. Wander around the shops, jot down the names of what strikes you and go home and read. If you have another tank or two, start thinking about all the fish you can't have in your current set up you wish you could!

    Just make sure your "must have" is suitable for your tank size regardless how small they are in the shop (etc. pleco, koi, chinese algae eater etc.)

    Cheers and have fun. A very exciting time!
  3. claudicles

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    Your aquarium info says you have a tiger barb and 5 cherry barbs. Or is this a different tank? The tiger limits your options somewhat. Somewhere these is a thread with a whole bunch of stocking solutions for different sizes of tanks. There are some great ideas there.
  4. Jrobber

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    If I had a 40 gallon, I would go with Angels. Very pretty fish, but that's just me. Have fun deciding and doing your research. And Welcome to Fishlore!!!
  5. OP

    LowiebruhNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the replys .... yerh i didnt do a big enough cycle. And other fisho's said see if you can take the fish back and wait for the cycle to finish and for evrything be up to date.

    Yerh i was just trying to get everyones personal overviews on tankbuddies. There is some great info there as well thanks :)(claudicles)

    Yerh i did some reserch on angles very pretty fish.... thanks :)

    thankyou bunnies your comment was very helping after reserching what you said ive decided on dwarf Cichlids.. thanks agen guys
  6. BunnyPuncher

    BunnyPuncherValued MemberMember

    Glad you found my comment helpful. I've heard DC's can be sensitive critters (I've never kept them) so make sure your readings are great before you add them. Great call on returning the fishies - tough to do but good in the long run. If you havn't snagged an AP FW Master Test Kit you should do so, more useful use of $25 than a fancy ornament or some other non necessity (including fish!) This way you can know when your ammonia/nits are under control.