40g Betta ??

  1. niiko101 Initiate Member

    Hi everyone, Iv posted on here before about potentially keeping Apistogramma. With some persuasion from my partner to get a Betta. I think i have finally caved in. Here in Australia it is very hard to get a hold of a good strain of Apistogramma. Cannot find them as a single male. Most breeders/LFS sell them as a pair and i dont think i want a community setting with a possible breeding pair of them. Not to mention the price they ask. On the plus side, This will be well suited for my

    So now, Betta possibly :)

    I know and have done my research on keeping Betta's in a community setting its either a hit or a miss.
    I really want to hear from people with experience on here keeping them and what they could have kept them with. Most of the research i have done was for smaller tanks and the odd 40G.

    Now my theory is if i go though route. The Betta will be the very last fish i add.

    I have read that the following could possibly work.
    RCS/ Ghost shrimp
    White Cloud Mountain Minnows
    Harlequin Rasbora

    And thats about all i want to add.

    Tank is a bow front with an Eheim 2217
    84cm (33Inch) Long
    44cm (17.3Inch) deep
    58cm (23Inch) height

    Has driftwood and currently waiting on my plants to come :)
  2. 75g Discus Tank Well Known Member Member

    It wouldn’t work out well be cause white clouds like colder water and are sometimes fin nippers. Other than that, it should work. What kind of corydoras are you thinking of?

  3. Lance0414 Well Known Member Member

    How about-
    1 Male Betta
    14 Harlequin Rasboras
    14 Lambchop Rasboras or 12 Cardinal Tetras
    1 Clown Pleco
    12 Bronze Cories or 16 Pangio Loaches(Java/Kuhli Mix)
    Neocaridina Davidi Shrimp
    3 Nerite or 2 Rabbit or 3 Mystery Snails
  4. niiko101 Initiate Member

    Thanks for the reply, keep hearing different things about their temps. Did not know they could be nippers will steer clear. Any other proper schooling fish that could be recommended ? My favourite corydoras is black venezuelan corydoras but the size throws me off, So i think ill just stick with panda cories.

    Thats pretty good. Altho i already have a clown pleco in another tank and it is the most shy fish i have ever met. Sometimes i forget i own one hahaha.

  5. 75g Discus Tank Well Known Member Member

    Clown plecos are a panaque species and driftwood is the main part of their diet. Do you have driftwood in that tank?
  6. niiko101 Initiate Member

    Yes i have plenty of driftwood in that tank :)
  7. Lance0414 Well Known Member Member

    Are there other bottom feeders in the tank, my Clown wouldn't come out until i moved the BN Pleco to a different tank. And instead of a Clown Pleco, what about a Whiptail Catfish(I believe they can live alone, i can't find info on it).

  8. niiko101 Initiate Member

    There is one long fin pleco in the tank with it, the clown only comes out when no one is in the room when you walk in you can see him run away to hide. Also if I was to add shrimp to this setup, using the Eheim 2217. Would I be recommended to use the Eheim prefilter ?
  9. Lance0414 Well Known Member Member

    You don't have to but it would be safer for the Shrimp.
  10. niiko101 Initiate Member

    no problem just ordered one the positives are there even with no shrimp :)

  11. niiko101 Initiate Member

    anymore possible suggestions ?
  12. Braydens Bettas Member Member

    Hey Im aussie too and I get you. Its so hard to find good stuff here. If your looking for good Apistos you can check out livefish.com.au or Nano Tanks Australia on FB or Instagram. I got my Triple red A. Cacatuoides from Pet Quarters. Not cheap but great fish.