40 Gallon Tank Rescape: Going Dirted

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    Dave and I decided we wanted to change our substrate which had become a mix of dark something or another under sand under flourite red and we were sick of it. We wanted to go dirted and have a nice gravel mix so it is safe and clean for the new stock and so the plants can flourish. So I special ordered some gravel from our LFS (could not find what we wanted anywhere!), got a bag of organic potting soil, and went to work. We took pictures throughout the process and are making a little video as well. Just thought I'd share. :;hi1


    (Liked the looks but not the substrate)

    Emptied old water (to reuse) into a 12 gallon tote along with the driftwood and plants.



    Halfway empty:


    I put all the livestock in their own tote and ran a heater, air wand and canister filter.


    Added dirt layer then gravel. Filled/emptied tank 2x before adding final water.


    Sorted the plants with "my help":



    Couldn't have done this without Python!
    (Still a bit messy)


    Added the plants and presto! (A bit more than that but the video shows more)...

    It's still a bit cloudy, but I'm sure it'll clear up. More to come as I monitor the growth now that it's dirted. Yay!
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    Nice! What special order gravel are you using? and is your help for hire :D I love the look on the grey one! Reminds me of that ultimate tease dog
  3. midnamoondogWell Known MemberMember

    Oh, he's so cute! That dog looks a lot like my dog Zoe (on the bed). The gravel is Estes' SpectraStone - Deep River Regular. It's fairly small in diameter, and we used almost all of two 25 lb. bags. We also used Harvest Organic potting soil.