40 Gallon Planted Freshwater

  1. fishman705 Member Member

  2. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Looks nice! Hows the cray do with those plants?
  3. AlyeskaGirl Fishlore VIP Member

    That looks great!
  4. fishman705 Member Member

    Thanks for the compliments and its funny u should ask how the cray is doing w/the plants because he was terring up some of the previous ones I had in there but I still have whats left of them I just moved em around and planted them into the substrate a little deeper since I have some fertilizer. I recently upgraded to some more amazon swords which gave it a nicer look.
  5. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning,

    Beautiful tank and fish. I love how the crawdad is perched on its "throne" during the video. :) Cute! Like it rules the tank.

  6. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    Wonderful looking tank. I can't wait until my plants fill in my tank to give it a fuller look like yours.:;hf
  7. orandagal Member Member

    Very, very nice! Looks very pretty :)