40 Gallon Acrylic Tank Crazing, Is It Still Safe To Use?

  1. jbsm

    jbsm Valued Member Member

    Hello everyone,
    cbe62409f760803d36a8648913c836f7.jpg c13145866332299831275e2a24e3e88d.jpg 94396586ba66e73f79548215fabc1e0f.jpg I was heading to the LFS to buy a 60 gallon acrylic tank and when I got there they weren't open yet but outside there was a used 40 gallon bioreef acrylic tank and stand labeled free so I grabbed it to clean it up and possibly use in the future but there is crazing along the seams and a but in the left side of the front panel is it still safe to run? Thanks
  2. Goldfish@alma

    Goldfish@alma Valued Member Member

    Fill it with water before you put anything in there. Wait a few weeks and see how it holds up.