$40 55 gallon aquarium and prepping for a new friend!

  1. littleredridingmech Member Member

    I found a fantastic deal for a 55 the other day and had to snatch it up. I have been trying to decide between a bigger community or... a hamster!

    I decided to do the hamster because the center brace is missing and there are chips on the glass at the corners so I would be very leery of filling it with water. (Now I know why it was only $40 XD) I was in pretty rough shape when I brought it home, it had bad hard water deposits and smelled like a swampy, stagnant pond filled with rotting fish. I bleached it and have scrubbed a good amount of the hard water off with vinegar.

    I'm so excited to get this set up!
  2. Kwig Well Known Member Member

    Omg yes, I push a minimum 20 gal long for every hamster with a deep level of bedding for tunneling. That is going to be a very happy hammie. I'd be tempted to do a few female mice personally but either way it will be cool. Pics requested!

  3. littleredridingmech Member Member

    Mice would be a hard no, it took two months for me to convince my mom to tolerate the hamster! She grew up on a farm so any small, furry, grain-eater is bad but rats and mice especially.

    I do think they'd be super cute though.

    Any pictures would be pretty boring lol, right now all I have is a beat-up 55 and a ceramic shoe:

  4. littleredridingmech Member Member

    I had an idea for a hidey-hole/toy I think is really cool:


    You cut a terracotta pot mostly in half so that it still curves up a bit before the cut part and bury it with the cut part against the glass with some cardboard tubes leading to it. Put something outside the glass opposite the pot so it seems secure and safe but you can remove it to see any nest the hamster has made.

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    I'm not happy with how this tank is shaped, it's far too narrow for my liking. I've been thinking about waiting for a dollar per gallon sale and getting another one. Then I can knock out the front of one and back of the other, silicone them together, and have it be 26" instead of 13".
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  8. littleredridingmech Member Member

    Aw yeah


    1248 sq inches


    That's the shallowest point in the cage, at the deepest point it measures more than a foot.

    This is going to be the happiest hamster within 100 miles