4 Pregnant females

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    #1. I purchased my six platy's about 1 - 2 weeks ago (not all at once), purchased 5 female and 1 male. It looks to me that at least three, possibly four of the females are pregnant. How long does it take for a pregnant female to show?

    #2. I'm not taking any special precautions to save the fry at this time, I have a few floating plants and plenty of hiding places, so it's kind of survival of the fittest at this point. My questions is, when the platy have new fry, is this equivalent to "adding new fish" to my tank. In other words, will my ammonia spike like if I bought fish from the store?

    I don't want to skip a few days of testing my levels to wake up to a 4.0 ammonia reading & a tank full of dead fish because my platys all had babies (even if they do get eaten)

    Any info is appreciated!!
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    It's highly likely that all the females will be pregnant so you'll be having a lot of fry every month.
    I found that platy females don't show very early, not until around week 3 but every fish is different.
    As long as your filter is fully cycled it will be able to cope with the new fry, unless all 5 females drop at once & you suddenly have 150 odd new fish but I doubt that would happen.
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    Thanks for the info!

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