4 panda corries 1 left

  1. redlessi Well Known Member Member

    I brought 4 panda cories yesterday and only one is left. I put them in the 35 gal tank that only has 2 leopard danios, water is 0,0,10 with weekly water changes of about 30%, temp 78. I guess they were sick when I got them because after I got them home I noticed that 1 had only barbels on one side and another ones barbels looked red. I hate when this happens but at least I can take them back and get my money back.l
  2. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    aww red im so sorry!!!!!! :;hug2

    sounds like a case of them being totally in an ammonia filled tank, and going to a clean tank kinda sydrome..believe it or not, that does happen..some fish will build up their bodies to accept ammonia to some extent, then the shock of clean water does them in :(

    i hope you can get more that work out better!!!!!!!
  3. redlessi Well Known Member Member

    I hope so because I only have 1 left and I would like to get it some company. How long should I wait before getting more?
  4. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    if your tank is fine, which you said it was, id get some right away...id just take more time to drip acclimate them....get them use to clean fresh water over a couple hours ...and id try a different store for them as well...good luck!
  5. redlessi Well Known Member Member

    thanks much
  6. redlessi Well Known Member Member

    Ok so the one that is left is busy and active but I have not seen it eat yet. I put in a sinking pellet and it has gone nowhere near it. Should I worry yet?
  7. ssanubisss Member Member

    He may not be used to that kind of food ?? maybe ?? i know that when i give my fish new foods it takes a while for them to take to it. Normally I try not to feed my fish on the same day that i get them. Eating while stressed usually doesnt sit well with me so i kinda figure it might not be to good for my little fish buddies either. Disclaimer though I am no expert just my :;2cents