4 Of The Best Products If Cycling With Fish


ALOT of members, including me, have gotten some advice from lots of sources, on cycling a tank with fish...I wanted to add some tips, if you have fish in your tank and are not cycled...we have a bunch of cycling fishless threads, so here is one that can aide in the process and keep the fish safe...

PRIME - this is a tap water conditioner(removes chlorine/chloramines), as well as an ammonia/nitrite/nitrate detoxify er..what this means is your ammonia/nitrites/nitrates are still available to cycle the tank, but the prime detoxify's the harmful effects of the ammonia/nitrites/nitrates for 24 hours until your next water change...must be used daily side by side with partial water changes...Prime also adds body slime to the fish. According to SeaChem website, Prime also removes heavy metals.

AMMO LOCK - very similar to prime, but doesn't do ANYTHING for the nitrites or nitrates in the tank...

AMQUEL+ - very much the same as prime....however, it does not add body slime to the fish nor does it remove heavy metals. This should be used in combination with Nova Aqua + for the initial set up of any aquarium and also for water changes.

NovAqua + - Removes chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals, adds body slime to the fish, helps condition water by buffering tap water and adding electorlytes. Nova Aqua + also provides organic herbs and vitamins. This can be used and should be used in combination with Amquel +.

Using one of those 4, (or the combo ) the way they are intended , with daily partial water changes, are what will keep your fish safe while cycling....remember that any amount of ammonia/nitrites, can be harmful to fish...even lower amounts...

Bumping this for new members that may need some advice when cycling with fish!

If there are some new products not on this list(Ive been gone for a couple years) just send me a pm. Thank You!
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