4 Jumbo Tanks To Build And Sell.


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Hey, i have some tempered glass i am going to make into fish tanks.
Preferably i would like a buyers to request dimentions before it is assembled so we can get as close as we can to your desired size and and volume.

Tanks will be made from wood and sealed with several coats of pond armor. Joints and seams will be, glued screwed, siliconed and tripple reinforced against leaks.
On a bigger tank it would be reinforced with a aluminum rim cap and wood frame on either the outside or inside depending on preference

Minimum volume would probably be around 180gallon and max... idk lol 800ish
Also so we can figure out the best place for your plumbing.. if youd like a drilled tank with bulkheads and so on.
Stands are available too. Ill make them custom to fit the tank you order.
Custom covers to cap it off, crown molding and all the biz.
Paint or stain your choice.
Im in san diego california. Will deliver in san diego county.
Pm me please. Thanks
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