4 Gallon Nano Tank Build

Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Builds' started by Bruxes and Bubbles, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Bruxes and BubblesWell Known MemberMember

    I decided to turn my 4 gallon Aqueon Evolve into a saltwater tank.

    I'm going to slowly set it up for invertebrates and soft corals and zoas. I grabbed a pound of live rock at the LFS and will get some more next time I go, as well as some aragonite sand.

    I also saw an awesome feather duster at the LFS, so I have it in my dad's established saltwater tank until mine is up and running and cycled and established.

    I'm excited to try my hand at saltwater. It'll be fun to play with while I wait for the guppy fry in my 20 gallon to grow big enough to give to my LFS so I can start aquascaping that tank.

    Pictures below! :D

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  2. TheFishOnThestreetNew MemberMember

    Cool tank you got there! Im thinking of starting up a 55 gal saltwater tank. But my current tank has been going through some hard times ):
  3. Bruxes and BubblesWell Known MemberMember

    I'm sorry. :( Is your current tank saltwater or freshwater?
  4. Bruxes and BubblesWell Known MemberMember

    After a lot of research, I decided to go with my empty 5.5 gallon instead - more stability and more stocking options. I'm about to order base rock and my filtration.
  5. Bruxes and BubblesWell Known MemberMember

    Base rock and filtration are ordered! :D
  6. Bruxes and BubblesWell Known MemberMember

    Got my filter in yesterday and my dad gave me a big hunk of liverock from his tank! Now to wait for my base rock! :)

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  7. Bruxes and BubblesWell Known MemberMember

    Well, my dad decided to rip down his saltwater tank. X_X

    So mine is done now except for some invertebrates. (His has been up for two years and the filter is most certainly cycled; so my tank is now cycled; yay!) He had a maroon clown and a yellow tail damsel. Traded them to the LFS for four cherry shrimp.
    I kept his blue legged hermit crab, three snails, emerald crab, and coral.

    Considering doing any of these for the centerpiece:
    Barnacle blenny
    Trimma goby
    Some sort of small/medium shrimps.

    We'll see. Definitely want some zoas and maybe some GSP and mushrooms.

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  8. Bruxes and BubblesWell Known MemberMember

    One of my snails is laying eggs!

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