10 Gallon Tank 4 African Dwarf Frogs, 2 Otocinclus, 1 Guppy - overstocked?


The tank isn't completely full because there is a tiny crack at the top so there is only about 9 gallons in there. There are a lot of leafy plants near the top and somewhat in the middle, as well as tall grassy plants in one corner but the bottom of the tank is pretty spacious. There is also a arch type ornament and a cave ornament.


Sounds like an interesting aquarium.

I personally would not add any more animals to what you have got.

If I had a 10 gallon for these species I would probably keep just 3 frogs (assuming an effective filter is in place) in order to simplify feeding, retain good water quality and eliminate algae.

My album shows my 15 gallon with 3 frogs, 1 Nerite and 1 Betta (other small fish that make an appearance in the photos were temporary rescues). This works well though a guppy would be equally fine instead of a Betta to provide some colour.

I guess your Ottos provide movement and interest and algae cleaning duties. I don't like them much as I find their survival a bit hit and miss. I did keep one for 13 years but the others were mostly short-lived. I keep Bristlenoses and Nerites now and these are very reliable (but the Bristlenose would be too big for your tank).

Not sure I'd be happy with a cracked tank. I think I'd replace it.


BTW, the most important thing to concentrate on is the water quality.

It's less interesting than the animals perhaps but it is the key to success.

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