3D background help!

  1. agentk

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    I'm new to Fishlore and fish keeping, so forgive me if I seem a little "slow". I have a 40 gallon tank and I want to design a background of my own. To further this headache I want to design a 3D one that is inside the tank itself. I have read some about this, and have seen conflicting reviews. So my question is what, if any, materials can I use to produce a 3D background? Is hot glue safe? Is Styrofoam safe? Are most rocks safe? What about PVC? Any suggestions that aren't referred to are even more appreciated. I really just want a unique piece, so please, help everyone as much as you can! Thanks.

    And... I'm glad be here. ;)

  2. Adam55

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    No one here thinks anyone else is slow. We all have questions on different stuff. Most of the DIY backgrounds I have seen are made from foam board that you can buy at any home improvement store. It's the pink stuff. You could probably use a regular Styrofoam as well because it'll be covered in cement. Then you need a razor knife to carve and shape the background how you want it.

    For the adhesive, I guess hot glue would work OK. Using 100% silicone caulk might be a little better. And PVC is definitely safe. Some people put PVC caves in tanks for cichlids or for plecos to hide / breed in. Rocks are also safe, but you want to sterilize them first, especially if you have access to river rocks where you live and can pick them up for free.
  3. OP

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    So I've created a tunnel out of PVC and aquarium rocks. Do I need to coat it in something to seal it all. Or can I just soak it in water for the night and then put it in? I've read about the Styrofoam and I have the silicone caulk, and Styrofoam, along with needed tools. But I've read some instructions that don't say anything about cement. So like with the PVC I guess I feel like Styrofoam glued together needs to be seal our coveted with something before introducing it. If it's not cement covering the Styrofoam, what would it be? Do I even need to cover it?

    Thanks for helping me, and giving me some ideas. I really love building things, specially if it has to do with an artistic purpose, and so I'm really excited. I just like to do everything correct the first time, so I'm getting antsy having the tools and no knowledge.