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Now that my tank has been cycled a few weeks and we have a few fish, we’re contemplating adding a few more. Initially, we thought we would do just guppies and add a few otos after the tank matures some. But now, we’re thinking about some community options...

We already have five male guppies in a moderately planted 38gal bowfront. Fully cycled for almost a month. Nitrates about 10ppm with no ammonia or nitrite. PH is 7.6. Temp is about 78.

Any suggestions on a community set-up for a 38gal?

Any feedback on my current thoughts: A couple otos once the tank matures. Maybe two dwarf honey gouramis as kind of a centerpiece fish (they are stunning! and I hear the honey is pretty docile). I also wonder about a schooling fish -I think it would be super cool to see a group darting around the tank (maybe rasboras?). I know mollies and platies are commonly recommended with guppies, but I think I would like to explore other options. Any thoughts on a schooling fish, or “centerpiece” fish as tank mates with the guppies?

Thought I’d ask for some advice and check out any suggestions! Thanks to this forum our tank is cycled, plants are growing, and now my endler guppy has a few fancy friends (lol!)! Looking forward to getting some ideas about a possible fish community in our living room.


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Try to avoid the ottocinclus if your going to keep your tank at 78 degrees. I know their are certain websites out their suggesting this as a good temperature but they like it much colder around 74 degrees. Think of 78 degrees as the occasional hot day that would be stressful to them. Rasboras and tetras could be kept with guppies with probably no problems. Keep them in at least schools of 6 or I think 10 give a better shoaling or schooling look depending on the species. mollies and platies are necesarily the nicest fish, but they can be peaceful if given numbers and enough space. They work well with guppies since both have a high salinity tolerbility. In general salt can help prevent infections in your fish. Platies and guppies tend to come from freshwater habitats, but a little salt is beneficial. Mollies on the other hand come from brackish water in the wild.

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