38 Pets

  1. bettasandme Initiate Member

    I have a misc of 38 animals at the moment.
    1 Horse
    5 Cows
    4 Dogs
    14 Fish
    4 Chickens
    3 Pigs
    1 Toad
    2 Hermit crabs
  2. Protim Sarkar Well Known Member Member

    I have 2 labrador pups, 1 boxer and 2 German Shepherd.
    Also I have guppies ,platys ,mollys and goldfish.

  3. bettasandme Initiate Member

    Nice. I have a pitbull, doberman pointer, english bulldog, pug, and a boston terrier. Guess I meant to say 5 dogs. Oops. I have englers, platys,and bettas at the moment. I also have some fry that I got at the store that could be guppies or englers.
  4. Protim Sarkar Well Known Member Member

    You have a zoo!:p

  5. Zoara42 Member Member

    I'm getting there. I have four cats, a dog, three chicken, a rabbit, an iguana and three fish tanks. My sister has banned me from pet stores.
  6. bettasandme Initiate Member


    My parents have banned me from going
  7. LittleBlueBetta Member Member

    I have 2 birds, 1 fish, 2 sisters, and 2 brothers. siblings always count when you're the oldest.

  8. LittleBlueBetta Member Member

    oh and 2 dogs
  9. texasfishkeepr01 Member Member

    I have 43 animals top that
    5 cats
    2 dogs
    7 snakes
    1 fish( my whole tank of fish died earlier today )
    6 chickens
    1 lizard
    21 rabbits
  10. bettafanatic Member Member

    I have 36 animals haha
    2 dogs
    6 cats
    1 turtle
    19 fish between 3 tanks
    2 snails
    2 cherry shrimp
    2 bearded dragons
    1 husband
    and 3 kids

  11. PetLover418 Well Known Member Member

    I have a dog, cat, about 20-30 fish, 2 snails, and my brother off and on has some mice.
  12. CowBoYReX Well Known Member Member

  13. flchamp89 Well Known Member Member

    5 chickens
    6 guineas
    2 pigs
    2 paints
    2 goats
    50 or so rabbits
    50 or so quail

    Im in lead lol
  14. bettafanatic Member Member

  15. CowBoYReX Well Known Member Member

    They are cool I had a few growing up.

    I have
    A lot of fish
    A lot of crawdads
    A few shrimp
    4 turtles
    1 dog
  16. texasfishkeepr01 Member Member

    Do you raise rabbits for meat too?
  17. flchamp89 Well Known Member Member

    Yes sir newzelands
  18. texasfishkeepr01 Member Member

    Awesome! I raise both New Zealands and Californians
  19. flchamp89 Well Known Member Member

  20. Kobobird Member Member

    I have

    1 rabbit (mini Rex)
    1 bearded dragon
    1 dog (german Shepard chow chow mix)
    10 fish (blood parrot, severum, plecos, corys, guppies, angelfish, dwarf gourami
    2 nitre snails